Monday, February 22, 2010

Official Wordsmith Release, "The Vintage Vault Mixtape"

We've read the many posts/articles/etc..., been behind the scenes, but most importantly have been able look in the eyes of this hungry one. Wordsmith is not new, he's just been doing it his way, on his dime, on his time, while prepping to shine. So we don't have much to say, but don't get caught up on this style & that style with Wordsmith. Every time he has you thinking one way, he's going to do just that, and hit ya from the blind side with something fresh, unique, & BANG some Hip Hop that Old School Hip Hop fans been waiting for, bringing it back from the roots & giving it New School, Wordsmith's ...wicka..wicka...Wayyyy!!!!

So we post this Mixtape, knowing ONE thing, you ain't seen NOTHING yet. Enjoy the Mixtape, you'll get some glimpses, but as we said his shine will come on his time, so you just get the snippets for now, you'll have to wait until March 30th, before you'll have to pull out the MAP. Until then, we're sure Wordsmith wants nothing more than to control your GPS for enjoy the ride!!!

Wordsmith: Vintage Experience, Album Release March 30th, 2010

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