Thursday, July 29, 2010

"NFL Rookies Warned on Money" time Money & Music joins this discussion

For reprint reasons we will instead link this week's headline post in the USA TODAY "NFL Rookies Warned on Money" (click here to read entire article).

Why did we resort to Money Mike on this one? Because he is a Registered Investment Advisor, someone who has contemplated and able to qualify to join the NFLPA's union of financial advisors, but after having a conversation with one of our past guests, Elton Brown (Superbowl Lineman from the Arizona Cardinals), Money Mike revealed, "yes" he could, would, and was able to qualify to be part of the NFLPA's financial advisors union, even has the paperwork still in his files, but what did that really mean? From our conversations with him, what it really meant was paying 500+$ (annual fee) to be listed as a "Qualified advisor" on their 450+ list that the Rookies get of financial advisors during their Rookie meetings. Elton & Mike, talked about will that really make a difference? Their conclusions, would you trust someone because they are on a paid list, would that mean Money Mike is more qualified, more trusted? Before reading on...please read the article, better yet, read past blog archives, listen to past Money & Music Shows.

I met Money Mike in the late 90's, he was like any other young successful dude, just having fun, working hard, and never thought where our destiny's would take us. Since it's Caribana only brings back true memories when we after one helluva event in Canada @ the Gov't, did we say to ourselves..."Wow, there is so much the Entertainment and Sports Industries lack, True Guidance" like the article points out, not that fancy suit, fancy car, legal/financial lingo, having you run for the hills if you dare to ask a question. No instead, someone you can sit down with you, look you in the eyes, kick you in the ass & tell you stop being so DUMB!!! While enjoying the game or bumpin some good music, all on the same level. We respect the fact the NFLPA set up such a union, and continues to preach and educate young athletes the importance of finances, yet are the role models preaching from success or from the failures that so many made? How about we stop preaching and stop LEACHING on to these athletes/entertainers as they are anyone different then anyone else? We have serious problems as a society, forget the whole fame blame. Today's economy affects all walks of life, no matter how many zeroes are after your bank account.

The problem, it's the Bling and the Blang, society and media, portray as Success. The Reality is...well start tuning in...start reading the posts, we can only lead the horse to the water, it's up to you to do something about it. So all you artists & athletes, at the end of the day, the blame only lies with you, Ask yourself one simple question, "After I'm done with my career, what plan do I have in place and where will my income come from?" as our boy Money Mike would say instead, " What is your lifestyle now and how much money do you need to maintain it for future years?"

Now why is Health such a important concept to me? Because a few years ago I was effected by a getting hit by a drunk driver which left me paralyzed for a few months and on a cane for a few years. This effected "EVERYTHING" not even just in the past but in the present as well because time to time when the weather change I'm still effected. Because I wasn't able to exercise and lack of a proper nourishment I also had a poor diet which triggered "Sugar Diabetes" which is so prevalent in my family because most of my siblings suffer from this disease from both of my grandmothers, aunts, father and even my sister suffer from the same illness. This left me in even worse condition. I have dealt with many of things but trust me when I tell you Sugar is nothing to play with it has resulted in the passing of both of my grandmothers, My fathers foot being amputated and my my aunt with a stroke.

You may heard many say "Your Heath is Your Wealth" but from personal experience I can tell you without it you have "NOTHING" don't let "NOTHING" nor "NO ONE" effect this because this will have a trickle down effect it will effect your finance, relationships, family and your overall existence. So plan ahead and think smart.

Money & Music is a movement that continues to strengthen, the show will be back shortly, so stay tuned, stay up to date, and keep educating because EDUCATION & your HEALTH is your TRUE WEALTH.

You Heard The Whistle It's Official!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Legacy Planning, "It's in your Hands"

As we get older, we hear this all the time "Life is Short". Yet, what have you done about it? How have you made sure that you will have left a "Legacy" that will always be remembered. Do you feel sometimes like the hamster on the wheel, running and running yet failing to take action by getting off the wheel? Often times, we talk about what we are going to do, but more of the times we put it off to a point we never do what we say, until it's forgotten.

Losing a loved one, is a feeling that no words can ever explain, yet life goes on. We can only hope with this week's post, you too will take a moment to reflect how fast life goes by, and actually take action on something you have always thought about, yet have not taken a moment to do. Howabout:
*updating your will & establishing a health care proxy
*establishing a budget
* speaking to a reputable independent financial advisor about your Life Plan
* buying life insurance or disability insurance
* donating time to a charity or meaningful cause
* allocating more time to your family
* or something as simple as going out & cleaning the garage
...whatever it may be...

Make Today the Day You took Action
Tomorrow a Day of Peace of Mind
What is your Legacy?

Looking for a reputable Advisor?
email: info@moneynmusic

Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Released Download: "The Most Under-Rated" Mixtape, Shire'

Money & Music Family continues hit homers, for all our love makers, R&B lovers, if you don't have any of these tracks in rotation, be warned get the ice because this is one mixtape, that will only make your summer that much HOTTER!!!
Shire' (SRC/Universal Motown Artist) is one of the industry's most under-rated, you be the judge. Money & Music in Partnership with,, & MultiSoul, first showcased in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil during the whole month of June 2010. Shire's voice & talent had Brazilians only asking how they too could get an autographed mixtape from Baltimore's daughter herself, Shire'. Money & Music & Shire' sure didn't disappoint, take a look for yourself., Brazil

We want to again Thank Shire' & CK
for showing Money & Music the support & love through the trials & tribulations on your rise to the TOP.



Shire' is one talent, that as the industry sleeps on, will continue produce hit after hit only making us wonder, what is her label waiting for? Until then fans like us, will enjoy...
"The Most Under-Rated"

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stevie Stone drops "Set in Stone" Mixtape Download Here

Money & Music Family proudly presents on this day of Independence, July 4th, the much anticipated mixtape from Stevie STONE, "Set in Stone". He's broken charts in the states & overseas, & may be the game's most slept on New Kid to define RAW. Turn up the bass & enjoy some serious BOUNCE to hit them tires


JULY 4th