Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hey People!

One of the key things is this business is to stay motivated and truly inspired for what you do! When you loose the vision, the passion or the love the dream is GONE! Lots of time we blame others for our lost of vision or consistency etc when in the end YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR SHIP....NO ONE CAN STOP YOU BUT YOU! Another thing is to remember patience in this fast food generation we want everything NOW fast food, women/men, cars, clothes etc but like all fads none of these things last.
  • Fast Food = Bad for your health
  • Fast Woman or Men = Eventually wear you out
  • Cars = Gain mileage and creates wear and tear on the engine & frame
  • Clothes = Goes out of style like their fads
So as you can see things come and go so it's important that you remember to stay motivated and trust in your dreams against all odds! In business lots of us not only forget stay motivated but even more importantly to motivate our consumers! As human beings we have a very short attention span and when we loose interest the trill is gone. Which equals poor sales and respect for your brand. So like many of you have or have/not heard owning a business is like having a relationship if you fail or neglect to give him/her attention they loose interest as does your consumers.

So how can I stay motivated I have created a must have motivation list of books and DVD's:

  • The Secret (DVD) see (HERE)
  • The Hustlers 1o Commandments by HOTOP see (HERE)
  • Hustle While You Work by (The above listed author) see (HERE)
  • The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey see (HERE)
  • Getting Things Done by David Allen see (HERE)
  • Tapping The Power Within Iyana Vanzant see (HERE)

I hope these jewels help, motivate and inspire you as they did me and if all else fails look in the mirror at the wonderful creation GOD made and say to yourself I CAN DO WHAT EVER I SET MY MIND TO! Ask GOD for strength and you can get threw anything!!!! Wishing you love & light your boy boyee COOL V aka MR OFFICIAL WHISTLE!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well.... Have You?

Hey You Guys!!!!!!
(Said Like Electric Company Remember that show?)

Anyway, I observed something this week not only as a web observer but as a marketing consultant that has me not surprised at all. What's the did I notice? Is that most small businesses DO NOT ADVERTISE! I always hear a lot of small business owners complain about people not supporting their brand, service or store when in fact they don't support it themselves! How Ironic! In today's business world promotion of your brand is "EVERYTHING" it's the life line of your company/brand no matter what profession or field you choose. It's imperative that you do so! You can expect people to support you when YOU don't even support YOURSELF!!

We've all heard the phrase "Support Begets Support" right? ......So why do we do otherwise? Consumers follow a pattern of brand awareness as do you threw a series of commercials, print or digital marketing. Huge companies have the budget and invest billions on multi-media campaigning to brand on a subliminal level threw repetition. Examples: McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Apple, Microsoft Etc... While small businesses mostly rely on "Word Of Mouth" advertisements but let's face it people the world is much smaller than just your circle of friends and this is the digital age! (In Short Times Have Changed So Shouldn't YOU?)

Technology has changed the way we view and consume products so either you get with the times or get left behind! I notice on most of the online networking platforms LINKED IN, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, NING, ETC that most of the time the only ones truly promoting is either artists, models, promoters, pyramid schemes, online media websites, TV, blogs, labels etc but seldom do I see independent brands pushing their products. You rarely see Real Estate, Medical, Legal or other smaller corporate brands doing so. My question is WHY? If multi-billion dollar companies have to and they are already branded don't you?

This has truly become a lazy generation when we want support of our business when in fact 1/2 of us still don't support ourselves. You wouldn't go to a record store and buy a artist record who you are NOT familiar with so why do you think people would do the same about you? Word of mouth is only valid when that person hears or experienced great things about that brand or experienced something not so pleasant and that's when it backfires! People when you are positioning your product/goods and/or services please remember the following:Do you research know your consumer
  1. Convenience is key the more accessible the better the results
  2. Learn their shopping habits
  3. Create a platform where they frequent
  4. Never assume nor take them for granted
  5. Ask for feedback (very important)
  6. Don't lie they are NOT stupid and once they realize you did you lost!
  7. Price within range
  8. Feed the Need (Give them what THEY want not what you THINK THEY WANT)
  9. Stay in touch with your consumer!
Follow the above steps and I assure you whatever brand your pushing you will gain the attention you seek as well as stay relevant to that consumer base as well!

Once again its official you just heard the whistle!!!!!