Monday, March 29, 2010

Health Care, Deficits, Expansion of Gov't, "AMERICAN PARTY"

This Money & Music Show, comes off the historic, "Health Care Reform" passed by the Democrats in office & approved into legislation by President Obama.

Wow!!! Money Mike, Cool V, & NeXplicableP, went in on such a serious topic on the show, that it really border-lined being a Political Session. However, Money Mike stepped in to point out the severity of the topic to our Future. This was one show, that instead of posting, we felt it would be wise to just go ahead and really listen to the FACTS.

Money Mike, stressed listen to NeXplicable P, JOBS! JOBS!! JOBS!!! EDUCATION! EDUCATION!! EDUCATION!!! Michael Faulkner, Ex-New York Jet, discusses what CHANGE REALLY MEANS, like Cool V stressed it starts with the local level, the corner shop, bodega, the mom & pop shop, COOL V...said it, just like Michael Faulkner, right here, LISTEN IN...SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS!!! Back bone of our Country, is being taking away...right before our eyes.

Money & Music, was created to Plant the T.R.E.E. "To Relate, Educate, & Entertain". However, we can only hope we are ALL listening. Like Cool V said, it all starts with addressing our Local Government issues, but as NeXplicable P said, it's the mom & pops (small business owners) the back bone of our country that has been sold out, so what are we going to do about it???

SOLUTIONS??? TUNE IN SERIOUSLY!!! THIS IS OUR FUTURE, "YES WE CAN, CHANGE" It starts with understanding the problems ahead, NOW!! NOT LATER. So instead, of listening to this week's Money & Music Show, we instead encourage you, NO WE ASK YOU, spend a few moments below & LISTEN, so someday we can say we knew it was coming, so WE did something about it.




Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bono and Prince's Financial Woes Revealed

Posted Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:08pm PDT by Joe Lynch in Stop The Presses!

Pop icons Bono and Prince may share an unerring gift for crafting hits, but when it comes to keeping that money through financial savvy, it seems they still haven't found what they're looking for.

While U2's frontman is celebrated for his charitable work in Africa and bipartisan approach to political issues, the Irish singer is actually "the worst investor in America" according to the online publication, 24/7 Wall Street.

Bono is one of five members of Elevation Partners' investment team, which 24/7 Wall Street claims has made "an unprecedented string of disastrous investments which even bad luck could not explain."

The U2 singer's firm has invested huge amounts of money into Palm smartphones, Forbes magazine, and, all of which are currently struggling. Elevation's largest investment is also its most disastrous: Bono's firm put $460 million into Palm, the company that unsuccessfully tried to carve a piece of the smartphone market away from Apple, RIM, and other more popular mobile handset-makers. Last September, Palm's shares sold for $18, but when the company released its most recent earnings figures, shares plummeted to $3.65.

Prince's financial woes are of another kind-he's not so much losing money as he is failing to pay it. The Purple One owes more than $227,000 in taxes to his home state of Minnesota for his PRN Music Corporation, which is located in his famous Paisley Park complex near Minneapolis.

The majority of that amount was due back in 2009, with an extra $27,000 thrown on as a penalty for delinquency.

If that isn't enough, the county's taxpayer services manager estimates that with all his property combined, the R&B mastermind owes about $450,000 in taxes. If Prince doesn't rustle up the cash before April 21 or file a written objection, he could face forfeiture on those properties, some of which he's owned since the '80s.

If there are any doves nesting in Paisley Park, it seems we may finally learn what it sounds like when they cry.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Entrepreneurship, with Founder of

On such a Historic Day, the passing of Health Care Reform, "Like it or Not" only time will tell, but one thing we know you enjoyed this week's show, how could you not ??? That's Right!! After getting it straight, right on the Money & Music Show, from none other than the Industry vets "Money Mike" & "Cool V", better yet from an entrepreneur who's been grinding hard for the past 11 years to fullfill his dreams and be able to have the Freedoms of being his own man & Boss, now the Founder of the hottest new technology to hit the entertainment industry "TWICKETER", A-Sun Truth. Also, joined by Intrinsic Entertainment's street team.

So if you missed it, but as always you know we wouldn't pass up this opportunity to make sure all our Go-Getters, got it straight. So sit back, relax, enjoy some hot new music, and learn some things that will help YOU, below & then you'll know.


So there you have it. Money & Music, just got another stamp of approval. Big Thanks Again, to A-Sun for joining "Cool V" & "Money Mike", more importantly shedding light on the prize and what it takes to get there. As we stress, the journey is long, hard, scary at times, but most of ALL FUN. Have fun at what you are doing like A-Sun said, "Never Quit" so long as you put your "Plan" in place. So read back to past blog posts, if you have not yet designed your Business Plan, because that's where it all starts. Some of the greatest ideas, inventions, services today, all started from just a napkin or sheet of paper, most importantly your "business plan". Stay "Focused" put your "Goals" in writing, your "Action Plan" on how you will get there, and most of all "Do Your Homework". One of the statements we've always set forth, and we were most appreciative to hear again in a different way (Success breeds Success), but yet A-Sun put it in a different way, "Hang around those you admire & aspire to achieve like".

We were able to get first hand knowledge of this incredible technology Twicketer (for more information click on and how A-Sun & Company look to change the way you can do business.

"Twicketer turns the average cellphone into a mobile box office or interactive coupon. Our goal is to democratize the ticketing process, and put the power where it belongs - in your hands. So for the next few weeks, Twicketer will only distribute free promotional tickets. All you have to do to create a free event on Twicketer, is to set the price point for your mobile tickets to $0.00 (Zero Dollars, and zero cents).", A-Sun Truth, Founder.

We of course, Heard it First ONLY!!! Here, on.......... Augmented Reality from Twicketer, and the ability to point your cell phone anywhere in the world, and know exactly where the hottest party is waiting for you, no matter where you are....Stay the many new surprises coming from Twicketer.

Build Good Business Credit

"Money Mike", ended this week's session by dropping some heavy, on the importance early in your business, to begin building Good Business Credit. He emphasized separating your Personal Credit from your Business Credit. To first establish a Personal Checking Account, followed up by a Business Checking Account. For all our Go-Getters, if you missed the Paper Trail segment, it's catch up time, so please go back and re-read the importance of the Paper Trail. This basic strategy "Money Mike" focused on, was to simply begin as "Cool V" aways says "You can't take a withdrawal, if you don't make a deposit".

This is a basic concept, that will now allow you when you are first approved for a credit card, to use it Wisely. To instead, use it only for Business Expenses. Though, before enabling yourself to use, you must first transfer/deposit the amount you plan to use for your business purchase, into your Business Checking account. Once you know the money is in the account, you can go ahead and make that Business Purchase with your Credit Card. Remind you, at the end of the month when that credit card bill comes due, you already made the deposit & the payment is ready to be made immediately!!! from your Business Checking account...ahhhh!! we love a good K I S S (Keep it Simple SmartA$$).

You know the old saying, "you can kill two birds with one stone"? Well our homie just went in, and proved you don't need to kill anything, but by being smart, you can set those birds (your business) FREE, to whatever your dreams desire, with smart planning...think about what you can accomplish by doing this...if you don't know, try it & shoot us an email a year or two from now & let us know the results...till next week...

Press at Your Own Enjoyment

For more information, how you can Promote Your Business or In need of Financial Guidance
Serious Inquires ONLY!$!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shire', "All I Ever Think About" (Exclusive Leak)

Shire' (Exclusive)

Shire' (Sha-ray) recorded this song about year an a half ago that was produced by AllStar called "All I Ever Think About". Her label SRC/Universal Motown said they didn't hear it and didn't think that it was a hit. Since then another well known Def Jam Artist recorded the song and it is now her brand new single. Listen to Shire's version of this song...(click below). Wow!!! Yes, Shire' is Money & Music Fam, so you know we may be just a little bias, here, but REALLY??? We'll let our Go-Getters decide.
"Business is Always Personal".


Money & Music is Proud to say, we always got you, Shire'. Time to step up, and push the petal on them, so we can enjoy the smoke...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Value of Your Health" & Prince Kennedy from Maybach Music Group

So there you have it, This Week's Money & Music Show & Topic of the Week, focused on the Relevance of your Most Important Asset, your Most Valuable Asset, yet so often your most forgotten Possession, "YOUR HEALTH". The Money & Music Family wants to send a big Thanks to this week's special guest, Prince Kennedy, from Maybach Music Group. He put Cool V in his place, when he mentioned they would run years ago 20miles a day, with their boots on, and knapsack on the back. Cool V's five mile runs & Money Mike's 2 mile runs, just didn't seem to have the same meaning, once Prince Kennedy broke it down. Though he was able to point out, is how important your Health is, especially when living the lifestyle of an entertainer, from performance, travel, eating habits...want to hear more...tune...& press play.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Seven Costly Pro Athletes Screw-ups

By Mark Riddix, Mar 10, 1:58 pm EST

Almost 80 percent of National Football League players are flirting with bankruptcy two years after they retire, according to Sports Illustrated. NBA players aren’t faring much better. 60 percent of former National Basketball Association players end up broke within five years of retirement. Athletes squander millions of dollars due to bad decisions, lavish spending and poor financial planning. Here is a list of athletes that have lost their fortunes through some of the biggest financial blunders of all time.

Scottie Pippen
Known more for his on court defense than his off court business sense, former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen lost $120 million in career earnings due to poor financial planning and bad business ideas. Air Jordan’s sidekick blew $27 million on bad investments and spent $4.3 million on a Gulfstream II corporate jet.

Evander Holyfield
Four-time boxing champ Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield reportedly made over $250 million in cash during his boxing career, but despite this he reportedly is flat broke. Holyfield lost all his money by making “smart” business decisions look really foolish. You thought buying a house was a smart move? It normally is, but not when you buy a house the size of Rhode Island. Holyfield bought a $20 million house with over 54,000 square feet and 109 rooms. The house has 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a movie theater, a bowling alley and an Olympic-size swimming pool. Imagine how much it must cost to cut the grass on all 235 acres! You could buy a Range Rover with the electric bill payment alone.

Lenny Dykstra
Former New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies star Lenny “Nails” Dykstra was a success on the baseball diamond, but in the business field Dykstra has struck out. Dykstra’s failed businesses include car washes, a magazine company, real estate investing and a stock trading website. According to Dykstra’s July 2009 bankruptcy filing, he owed more than $30 million to creditors, including his $18.5 million purchase of Wayne Gretzky’s home. The amazing part is that after two foreclosed homes and numerous failed businesses Dykstra is offering the investment advice that led him into bankruptcy for a mere $899 a year! In the investment world, it is often said that past history does not dictate future performance. Nevertheless, it’s pretty clear Dykstra isn’t the guy to go to for advice.

Latrell Sprewell
Look up the word “shortsighted” in the dictionary and you will see a picture of Latrell Sprewell. He famously turned down a $21 million contract because he said it wasn’t enough money to feed his family. Sprewell, who made over $96 million during his career, lost his $1.5 million dollar Italian yacht, named “Milwaukee’s Best”, in 2007. According to MSNBC, a U.S. marshal seized the yacht after Sprewell defaulted on his mortgage. His $5.4 million house went into foreclosure in May 2008. Don’t blame Sprewell for turning down the three-year, $21 million contract though. I mean really, who could live off a measly $7 million a year?

John Daly
Two-time PGA major champ John Daly gambled away between $50 and $60 million in career earnings, according to his 2006 autobiography. Daly once lost $1.65 million in five hours playing the slot machines at a casino. If you think that’s impressive, there’s more. Daly blew $1.2 million in a mere two hours and 30 minutes at a casino in Las Vegas. He just had his $1.6 million house foreclosed on. Did Daly quit gambling after blowing so much cash at the casino tables? Not by a long shot. Instead, he decided to downgrade from the $5,000 slot machines to the $100 and $500 machines. It looks in John Daly’s world, that is considered sound financial planning.

Jack Clark
Former professional baseball slugger Jack Clark was driven into bankruptcy in 1992 by his appetite for luxury cars. According to his bankruptcy filing, he owned 18 luxury automobiles, including a $700,000 Ferrari and a Rolls Royce. Clark was trying to pay 17 car notes simultaneously, and whenever he got bored with a car he would get rid of it and just buy another one. He ended up losing million-dollar homes and his drag-racing business because of his extravagant spending habits, but despite one of the most publicized bankruptcies in baseball, Clark reportedly got back on his feet in the late ’90s.

Mike Tyson
The king of them all is boxer Mike Tyson, who squandered a $350 million to $400 million dollar fortune. So what did “Iron” Mike spend his fortune on? Everything. He dropped half a million dollars on a 420-horsepower Bentley Continental SC with lamb’s wool rugs, a phone and a removable glass roof. It is one of only 73 Bentley Continental SCs ever built. The sad part is that’s not even the only Bentley that Tyson owned! He spent over $4.5 million dollars on cars alone. Throw in a $2 million dollar bathtub and $140,000 for two Bengal tigers and you can see why Tyson’s fortune is down for the count. He filed for bankruptcy in 2003.

To view this article:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Tax Season"

This week, Money & Music wanted to get a jump start and make sure everyone tuned in & all our Go-Getters are on point, come this time of the year, TAX SEASON. We were able to bring in and have join Money Mike & Cool V, a Tax Specialist with 20 years experience.

John Lefko, Owner and President of John P. Lefko, Ltd.
*Income Tax Preparation and Accounting Services Company
*Opened business in 1991
*Graduate of Canisius College 1989
*Company handles all Accounting and Tax Preparation
*Specializes in Personal, Corporate, Partnerships, Estate, Payroll and General
Accounting needs.

Well if you've always been curious, but never really felt the urge to listen in, then we here at Money & Music can only hope you enjoy Making & Saving Money. If you do? Then tune in press play, rewind, & play again...saving the Thanks for after you FILE on Time, this year.


Important Dates
Corporate Tax Filings Due: March 15th
Personal Tax Filings Due: April 15th

Tax Season

This week's session Cool V & Money Mike were the students, learning from the Tax Professional, BIG THANKS again to John Lefko, who gave us some basics to work with, now that Tax Time is upon us. Money Mike went back to previous sessions and stressed the importance of having a "Paper Trail" on everything that pertains to your business or profession. However, John Lefko, stressed keeping a Paper Trail on all sales/expenses, because the way the Tax Laws change yearly, you never know what you may be missing and not taking advantage of. That's why when we've heard the term "Cash is King" we have to stress what that really means.

Unfortunately, there are misconceptions that by paying in Cash with No Invoice/Receipt/Paper Proof, there is no trail, so when Uncle Sam comes knocking there is NO PROOF. Sadly to say for those that have believed this, at least listen to the Show to learn more, or just know that your outlook should all Change Today, if you are trying to get ahead. If you can't prove your expenses/costs/sales, how do you expect to prove your credit worthy or your business is profitable, and etc... when it comes time to apply for a loan, mortgage, or just a credit line? Or what about when that infamous Uncle has your name calling ie...Nas, Method Man, Wesley Snipes, MC Hammer...list goes we need to say more?

So now is the time to understand Paying Taxes is the Law, and that is why there are many Tax Deductions/Credits & Advantages set forth to help reduce your Tax Bill. There are also many Financial Strategies & Vehicles available to take advantage of and encouraged to reduce your Tax Bill, and increase your net worth, see the link below. So pay the extra few dollars and seek Professional Counsel, why do it yourself? Is Accounting your Profession? As our tax specialist pointed out, as the Tax Code changes yearly, it is that much more important to know your working with someone who adjusts accordingly, most importantly making sure you are taking advantage of what is available to you, your family, and your business.

The point we must stress after this week's Heavy Show, begin working with the Right Professionals, that you feel comfortable, confident, and most of all ones that are experienced in their particular field or is we like to say, "Specialize". We many times find out the hard way, like Money Mike's example, of Buying Cheap Paint vs. the Expensive Bucket, there is a good chance you will have to paint the wall twice even though you saved a Few dollars with the cheap bucket, and for us Go-Getters, Time is WHAT??? "CHA CHING"


So start to turn to professionals, one's that will be there with you through the good times & bad times, and know your situation well enough to help guide you through all situations and in the end helping you make the least amount of mistakes along the way to your successes. Building your team is very important, and having a guy like John Lefko or one similar, can be an invaluable resource to your successes. Why learn the hard way? Start to listen to Seasoned Veterans, ask questions, and never think you know more than the next guy/gal, you never know how much their experiences can teach you or at least save you...hint...hint.


So again, re-listen to this show & if you still have questions here's a link we know you can use this time of the year. Click Below...

Tax Credits & Deductions for 2009


& if that doesn't help

In Memory, Christopher Wallace (May 21st, 1972-March 9th, 1997) "The Notorious B.I.G."

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Exclusive" leak download, Big Sean

Thought we had a good show this week?? We wouldn't be Money & Music if we didn't follow it up some Musickk!!! So we bring you some flow, we for sure you will enjoy. Shout out to Mike Brinkley on this one, "Exclusive" downloadable leaks...below, Only for our Go-Getters, here on Money & Music..."CHA CHING!!!"

Like what you see? Click on the SONG Below to Download FIRST!!!


"Supa Dupa Lemonade"

"Million Dollars"

Leak track for ya "Desire, Want & Need"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Artist Management with Mike Brinkley

Missed this week's Money & Music Show??? We wanted to make sure for all those listening in the music business, you were going to get it straight from the horses mouth, from this industry veteran, who's seen it first hand, the successes & failures of hitting it big with your first, second, and third deal. We want to again Send a Special Thanks to Mike Brinkley for taking time out & supporting the Money & Music movement, with his insight, expertise, and most of all advice for all you up &!!! If you don't know who he is by's a little, as you know we don't name drop...we let the history of hard work speak for itself.


* Is currently the "Director Of Operations" for "On The Brink Music"
* A&R Consultant at Rich Soil Entertainment
* Director Of Operations at Ill Will Records
* A&R Consultant at Island Def Jam Music Group

On The Brink Music is a full service management and consulting company, which provides representation to: Recording Artists, Producers, Song Writers & DJ's. Management and Consulting services include: A&R consulting, Artist Development, Management, Marketing & Promotion and Contract Negotiation.

So if that doesn't make you want to sit back, get your pens & paper, press play, rewind, and play again, we really don't know what more we can do. Though it is TAX SEASON!!! So having Mike on the show was somewhat timely for next week's show...(ie. Nas situation with Uncle Sam, click here). That's right!!! listen in...


As we expected, Mike Brinkley, Money Mike, & Cool V, did just that dropped some heavy...did anyone catch that little nugget??? or howabout adding your Taxes to your Fixed Expenses in your budget, instead of letting them come due, & wonder where you will be getting the money from to pay them? We'll talk more about that next week, on the show, "Tax Season", so let's get right into it, this week's recap.

Artist Management
If you haven't listened to this week's show with Mike Brinkley, here is some of what you missed. Artists/Business Owners, have to realize that you are the Brand, and that your Brand Identity is everything. One of the main points, Mike talked about in succeeding or taking your profession to the next level is, your FAN BASE (or Clientele). Labels, managers, promoters..etc...are going to want to see you have an established following your consumer, one who is purchasing or supporting your product. Money Mike asked that specific question, "What do you look for in an up & coming artist?" We've heard it before but he just solidified having to have PASSION, DRIVE, Work Ethic, and most of all a PLAN in place.

What are some things to look for when deciding upon a manager? Reputation, Experience, Connections, and Belief in YOU.

What will be your costs when signing on a manager? Typically 20% of your earnings, but as we always say in Business everything is negotiable. Though without a PLAN, a Fan Base/Following, Internet & Industry Presence, your bargaining power will most likely be very limited, so you may want to rethink even taking on a manager at that stage of your career.

What will a manager provide? Negotiation of Contracts, Networks to the Industry, Marketing Plan/Campaign, Radio Campaign, Branding, most of all Direction on how to succeed.

Artist Management, these days is tricky just like the Business and 360 Deals with Labels. So it is why to do your homework, know all you can, seek experience counsel, read the books/articles, before jumping into any contract. You may not even need a Manager at your stage of your business start-up, and maybe ever. So like Mike said, at the end of the day Spend your Money wisely, and know all you can, most importantly MONEY & MUSIC stresses build your foundation. Make sure your team is in place one by one, before thinking because your Music/Product is the Hottest thing out or your Belief & Passion is like no other in yourself/Company, that you are going to BLOW & Hit it Big. We all too often see that being the biggest downfall to many companies/professionals successes, spending money they don't have on a Dream, without laying the GROUNDWORK necessary to reach that dream.

We found this book to give more insight on "This Business of Artist Management" (CLICK HERE) , & we HIGHLY suggest, re-listen to this week's show, some heavy Nuggets were dropped, so you too don't make the same mistakes many are making & those before you made along the way.
...till next's "TAX SEASON"
Have Questions? Need Answers?