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Money & Music Presents - Business Is "PERSONAL"

Hey Good People!

How many times have you heard the line "It's NOT personal it's just business!" only to find out you was getting the lube job for a potential screw shortly after! Well just like our affiliate "Hotep" author of award winning and best selling book "The Hustlers 10 Commandments" (Which we highly recommend reading if you haven't) Business is most definitely personal especially if your going into business with that particular individual. There must be a foundation of trust and common purpose for that business to truly thrive. Don't let anyone sell you or tell you otherwise.

First lets observe what doing business truly is:

Busi·ness - Pronounced (biz′nis)


1. one's work, occupation, or profession
2. a special task, duty, or function
3. rightful concern or responsibility no one's business but his own
4. a matter, affair, activity, etc. the business of packing for a trip
5. the buying and selling of commodities and services; commerce; trade
6. a commercial or industrial establishment; store, factory, etc.
7. the trade or patronage of customers

Now upon review there are some exceptions to this rule but NONE that refer to a ongoing personal relationship. (Hence the term business relationship!) It's your duty to research, know and trust who you do business with. Still don't believe me? Then ask yourself this question. How many jobs you know hire without a criminal background check? The chances are NONE and that's why business is personal otherwise would that information make a difference otherwise?

When choosing your partner you should evaluate their goals, purpose and motivation because if they have the wrong intentions I can guarantee your setting yourself for failure if you partner up with this individual.

Remember the movie 300 when he he said "choose your words wisely for they may be your last" the same applies here one wrong move can prove disastrous so when doing business make sure you and that potential partner or client is eye to eye and the rest will fall in place.

Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!


The Marketing Mix
(The 4 P's of Marketing)

Marketing decisions generally fall into the following four controllable categories:

* Product
* Price
* Place (distribution)
* Promotion

The term "marketing mix" became popularized after Neil H. Borden published his 1964 article, The Concept of the Marketing Mix. Borden began using the term in his teaching in the late 1940's after James Culliton had described the marketing manager as a "mixer of ingredients". The ingredients in Borden's marketing mix included product planning, pricing, branding, distribution channels, personal selling, advertising, promotions, packaging, display, servicing, physical handling, and fact finding and analysis. E. Jerome McCarthy later grouped these ingredients into the four categories that today are known as the 4 P's of marketing, depicted below:
The Marketing Mix
The Marketing Mix

These four P's are the parameters that the marketing manager can control, subject to the internal and external constraints of the marketing environment. The goal is to make decisions that center the four P's on the customers in the target market in order to create perceived value and generate a positive response.
Product Decisions

The term "product" refers to tangible, physical products as well as services. Here are some examples of the product decisions to be made:

* Brand name
* Functionality
* Styling
* Quality
* Safety
* Packaging
* Repairs and Support
* Warranty
* Accessories and services

Price Decisions

Some examples of pricing decisions to be made include:

* Pricing strategy (skim, penetration, etc.)
* Suggested retail price
* Volume discounts and wholesale pricing
* Cash and early payment discounts
* Seasonal pricing
* Bundling
* Price flexibility
* Price discrimination

Distribution (Place) Decisions

Distribution is about getting the products to the customer. Some examples of distribution decisions include:

* Distribution channels
* Market coverage (inclusive, selective, or exclusive distribution)
* Specific channel members
* Inventory management
* Warehousing
* Distribution centers
* Order processing
* Transportation
* Reverse logistics

Promotion Decisions

In the context of the marketing mix, promotion represents the various aspects of marketing communication, that is, the communication of information about the product with the goal of generating a positive customer response. Marketing communication decisions include:

* Promotional strategy (push, pull, etc.)
* Advertising
* Personal selling & sales force
* Sales promotions
* Public relations & publicity
* Marketing communications budget

Limitations of the Marketing Mix Framework

The marketing mix framework was particularly useful in the early days of the marketing concept when physical products represented a larger portion of the economy. Today, with marketing more integrated into organizations and with a wider variety of products and markets, some authors have attempted to extend its usefulness by proposing a fifth P, such as packaging, people, process, etc. Today however, the marketing mix most commonly remains based on the 4 P's. Despite its limitations and perhaps because of its simplicity, the use of this framework remains strong and many marketing textbooks have been organized around it.





Hey Good People!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Business is Personal

To often you will see or hear the term, "don't take it Personal it's just Business". When was the last time you heard this statement?

There is no question, that you have to separate your personal life with your business life, and that your Family should always come first. Unfortunately, for many entrepreneurs or business owners, artists, models, dj' be able to provide and support and allow the time for the family to come first, the income must come in. There is no salary or set pay check coming in to know from one week to the next what exactly that income will be, unless there are certain provisions or contracts in place.

So this is where it is very important to begin looking at your business or profession differently, and making sure your business is personal. To often you will see that the people you surround yourself with will grow with you and begin to make your business their business. Remember at the end of the day, you are the "Brand", and it's your livelihood that supports your family.

This is where you must understand that everything your "Brand" (a.k.a. Your Company/Your Profession) does is a reflection upon you. Those that are on your team, are also a reflection upon you and your "Brand". So make sure the team you build has the same vision and understanding of your "Brand", and where you want it to go and how you want it to operate. It is wise to make sure that every decision made in the beginning passes through you, making sure that you know exactly how your operations are being run and how your team responds to the many different situations you are or will be in.

Most successful people are passionate about what they do and what they want to accomplish. This is an important trait to carry forward with your "Brand" and making sure that your team feels, understands, and supports that same passion as you do about your "Brand". It is not acceptable on any level to disrespect or allow to be disrespected as a professional. You will never know who or when that time will come when someone calls, emails, or reaches out to you in need of your services, that could help take your "Brand" to the next level. So it is wise to make sure all calls, emails, faxes, etc...get to you immediately. We are in an age of technology whereas a simple text can reach you at anytime. So make sure you carve out everyday, or as soon as possible, enough time to get back to each and every person/business, PERSONALLY. Remember you are the "Brand" no one is calling your agent, manager, promoter, publicist, attorney, or financial advisor...etc to do business with them. They are reaching out to you, and they want to know they have a RELATIONSHIP with you and that means being accessible. Of course, there are many instances whereas you have to set a line to what's important and what is not, but be very careful about where that line is. It's your "Brand", and missing just one call could be that one and only opportunity that knocked.

Remember, no one is too busy or too important for a phone call(preferably) or a text message or email. Should those around you make you believe you are or that is how you should be to get ahead, begin to evaluate who they represent and is that how you want your "Brand" to be represented. Successful people are very passionate about their professions or business and take their business personal, so make sure you too take your "Brand" seriously enough to know that no matter who that someone is reaching out to you, the fact that they are reaching out should always be appreciated and accounted for.

Make sure you practice "good business" in any profession you are only as good as your last song, application, project, game, etc... so it is important that you take your business personally with those that are part of your team or those that may help or have helped you take your "Brand" to the next level, because you never know when the next opportunity will come again.

We all like to do business with people we can trust, but in today's day and age, unfortunately, it is very hard to sometimes even trust our closest friends, "Money makes people Funny". So stay the course, as they good old saying goes, "slow and steady wins the race". Be patient, be passionate, be respectful, and most importantly take your Business and make it Personal.

So next time someone says to you, "It's just Business, it's Not Personal", evaluate are they who you really want affiliated with your team as your "Brand" moves forward or apart of your successes? Remember who comes first is your Family, so keep in mind every decision you or you allow your team to make represents your "Brand" most importantly your family in the end.

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