Wednesday, June 30, 2010

(EXCLUSIVE) DJ Delz x Wordsmith Present Jackin' for Beats: Wordplay Edition Mixtape OUT NOW

"Jackin' for Beats"
Wordplay Edition

It's Finally here...2dopeboyz x DJ Delz would like to present Wordsmith in "Jackin' For Beats: Wordplay Edition" OUT NOW! 21 cuts deep it features Wordsmith's cousin' Roc Marciano and Black Knight, along with Balance, Sha Stimuli, K. Sparks, Ruste Juxx, V-Stylez and Nu Revolution artists Whitefolkz, Kontact and DJ Ykcor.

01.) Master Of The Ceremony (Freestyle)
02.) Back For The First Time (Freestyle)
03.) I Might Need Security (Freestyle)
04.) Mr. Incredible (Freestyle)
05.) The Villain (Freestyle)
06.) Whiplash (Freestyle) (feat. Black Knight, Roc Marciano, Balance, Sha Stimuli & K.Sparks) (Cutz By DJ Ykcor)
07.) Revolutionary Renegades (Freestyle) (feat. Kontact, Whitefolkz & Black Knight)
08.) On To the Next One (Freestyle)
09.) Pay Attention (Freestyle)
10.) Suplex To The Beat (Freestyle) (Cutz by DJ Ykcor)
11.) Mr. Witty Wit My Words (Freestyle) (Cutz by DJ Ykcor)
12.) I'm Major (Freestyle)
13.) When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong (Freestyle)
14.) Do You Think About Me (Freestyle) (feat. Kontact)
15.) Brown Suga (Freestyle)
16.) Unthinkable (Unofficial Remix) (feat. Alicia Keys & Whitefolkz) (Produced By DJ Ykcor)
17.) Telescope (Freestyle) (feat. Soulstice)
18.) Farewell For Now, But More To Come (Freestyle) (feat. Black Knight, Kontact & Whitefolkz)
19.) Beast In The Trunk (Remix) (feat. Kontact, Black Knight, Ruste Juxx & V-Stylez) (Produced By Judah)
20.) Not A Second To Waste (Remix) (Produced By Zombietyme)
21.) The Great (Remix) (Produced By Frankie Paige)


Monday, June 21, 2010

Understanding the Basics of Life Insurance

For many of you, this is a distant discussion, decision, or even a worry. "I am healthy", "I don't have kids or family", "I can't afford anymore insurance", or "It only pays if I die".

Correct to all, and these are the exact Reasons it's TIME YOU establish a plan now vs. later.

For those that establish a plan, young & healthy, with cash build-up, there will come a time in your life whether it's a family, business strategies, or simple estate planning, that day you took the time to investigate further (maybe with the help of this post) was the day you made & saved hundreds of dollars, for yourself, spouse, family, or business.

There are many different types of plans, and for those who are experts in the in the financial planning business, many of them will tell you, life insurance is one of the most powerful financial planning vehicles available when used appropriately. That's our biggest problem, it's a complex insurance product, many times & often misunderstood, or used for the wrong reasons.

Things to ask your advisor:

1. What are the Ratings of the Company?

2. Show me an illustration with Hypothetical Returns of less than 7 & 6% over the life of the policy.

3. Does my Policy have Cash Value Build-up?

4. Is my yearly/monthly premium guaranteed so my policy won't lapse in the future?

5. Can you show me various company premium comparisons? (apples to apples)

6. How much should I be applying for? (always stay within your BUDGET-set a dollar amount aside monthly as a fixed expense towards your life insurance needs)

7. Should I buy term, whole life, variable life, universal life, variable universal life? And what are the differences?

8. Can cash my policy in, and what would be the disadvantages?

9. What if I become disabled & can't pay the premium?

10. Based on my current situation & future goals, how does life insurance fit into my financial plan?

Some call Life Insurance, Death Insurance, when the reality is there is so much more to Life Insurance Planning that isn't as easy as going out and just buying a policy, see how many signatures & pages you must fill out to apply...then you will understand how serious of a subject it really is.

1. Life insurance correctly planned will on premature death provide funds to deal with monies due, mortgages, and living expenses. It offers protection to the family you leave behind and serves as a cash resource.

2. It secures your hard earned estate on death by providing tax free cash which can be utilized to pay estate and death duties and to tide over business and personal expenses.

3. Life insurance can have a savings or pension component that provides for you during retirement.

4. Some policies have riders like coverage of critical illness or term insurance for the children or spouse. There are certain rules regarding eligibility for riders which you will need to determine clearly.

5. Having a valid insurance policy is considered as financial assets which improves your credit rating when you need health insurance or a home loan or business loan.

6. In case of bankruptcy, the cash value as well as death benefits of an insurance policy is exempt from creditors.

7. Life insurance can be planned such that it will cover even your funeral expenses.

8. Term life insurance has double benefits, it protects and you can get your money back during strategic points in your life.

9. Insurance protects your business from financial loss or any liabilities in case a business partner dies.

10. It can contribute towards maintaining a family's life style when one contributing partner suddenly dies

There are many other questions to ask, but these are the basics, should you want to know more information or have questions feel free to

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Visual Perception" on the Money & Music Show

If you missed this week's Money & Music Show, as always we got you, press play, below, get your notepads & pens...and listen in peoples...listen up!!! If you don't have the time to tune least read the blog below it...Heavy...Heavy info, we got WAKE UP, Stand Up, and realize, it's our Future, the TIME is NOW. If you have no interest in your future, your families future, the future your business, or the Future of this country, well at least you know we'll keep bringing heat, in hopes someday, you will just be AWARE enough to do something about it.

As always, all the best & much success...


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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Importance of a Retirement Plan

We hear all to often, "Government will take care of it", "Change will Happen with New Presidents", "I will start planning next month when things get better financially or more time available".

The Reality is, The TIME is Now.Entitlement Programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and now HealthCare Reform, has only put future generations in a position of Self-Reliance. Like what we've seen with past Pension-Reforms, the responsibility is now solely upon on You. Pensions are a thing of the past, Social Security is on the verge of being a thing of the past (unless drastic measures are taken now). Looking at Budget projections from federal to state levels, Medicaid is bankrupting states at a rapid pace, many of which will be completely broken in the next 10 years, or look at the Federal Level with Social Security & Medicare

So start getting Tired of Hearing about it, the Time is Now to start Doing something about it.

This means, by starting a Monthly Budget. It does NOT matter how much money you are making or worth, this Budget pertains to each and every individual, family, or business. As you've heard on the show, "You can't take a withdrawal, if you haven't made a Deposit". Experts agree, you will need to save between 15-20% of your income put towards retirement, if you plan to retire with the current lifestyle you are living. Remember the days of Living the American Dream to someday become a Millionaire? Well, let's break down what 1 million dollars will provide you in retirement. Depending on your Retirement Plan & Retirement Vehicle of choice, you can expect if you should save 1 million dollars, that will equal in today's dollars (not 30 years from now, COLA-Cost of Living Adjustment) in today's dollars, that will average you a lifetime payout stream of between 50-70,000$ a year ( not adjusting for taxes).

So remind you, going back to previous blog sessions, Law of 72, At a 4% Inflation rate, that will mean 72/4, in 18 years, Today's 1 million will be 18 Years from the equivalent to 2 million. Granted, some will argue 4% is way too low, others will say based on current inflation rates it's high. Though when you factor in, Current Deficits of 13 TRILLION DOLLAR$, and the fact that each American in reality owes over 180,000$ towards that Deficit...maybe 4% is very low.

The point is, without all these numbers & hypothetical conclusions...It is important that you look at your next Social Security Statement, 3 months before your birthday you are by law to receive one. For those that are not eligible to collect for 30-40 years from now, notice in the FINE PRINT, how they already are Printing you will be receiving LESS than what your ESTIMATED benefit there something I am Missing? NO!!! Fact the pace our Government is Spending (Recklessly) maybe we should Start DEMANDING

OUR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, THAT THEY PUT ONLINE THEIR Balanced Budget...and if they DON'T! THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE PAID VACATIONS, HOLIDAYS, or BREAKS for that matter.Why shouldn't we demand this? When you can't pay your Bills by the end of the month, what are you normally required to do? Work Overtime, Work More Hours, Find another Job??? Use the Credit Card till its maxed out (WHICH ONLY PUTS YOU Further behind in life). Well our Government has no problems acting this why shouldn't we?

The Answer: The Time is Now to Make a Decision, Take Control of your Future, Your Life, Your Family, and do what it takes to put a Written Budget & Plan in Place, on how you will reach your Goals/Dreams..Retirement, without ever thinking Government will EVER get it right!!! Ask yourself, when was the last time they did?

Plan Now & make sure you understand that your Vote does Count, Rep./Dem./Ind...we are in this Americans as Friends Globally, the lessons of Countries past Greece, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, etc...etc...lets learn that Governments have only gotten in the way, but those that have succeeded was because they had a Plan that they Fullfilled regardless of outside influences.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kiza Sosay Mixtape Now Available: "30 Minute Review"

"30 Minute Review"
Official Website


After the success of his last EP ‘BACK AT IT’ Kiza Sosay is testing the market yet again. With a new approach and his branded wordplay on his 30 Minute Music Review Tape, he is determined to conquer the Midwest region. Giving you a feel of his Midwest roots he mesmerize you with his lyrics in his own uncanny fashion, putting a twist on what some might call the new era of hip-hop. They say straddling the fence isn’t a good idea but in my opinion “The Midwest Mogul “is right where he belongs in the middle bring all genres together. Songs like Funky Cold Medina lets you know he is out to enjoy himself in and out the booth. Being mostly snippets for me to review I must admit I was a tad disappointed as I salivate to hear what the next verse could have brought. He teases you with a sample tracks ‘She Make Me feel All Right’ which shows that Kiza still has that piece of hip hop in him. With his undeniable hooks and you can see the potential this artist has to put a stamp on the industry as a whole. He has a way of catering to the women but still making sure leave his mark on his Mens N’ Dem. This music review was just that a review to see the new things he has to offer and what’s to come from Kiza Sosay we are truly looking forward to seeing this guy at his peak.

Keep a Serious Eye on Kiza Sosay
You can Expect some Heavy Radio/Club Airplay once our DJs catch the smoke of his FIRE!!!