Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hey People!

One of the key things is this business is to stay motivated and truly inspired for what you do! When you loose the vision, the passion or the love the dream is GONE! Lots of time we blame others for our lost of vision or consistency etc when in the end YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR SHIP....NO ONE CAN STOP YOU BUT YOU! Another thing is to remember patience in this fast food generation we want everything NOW fast food, women/men, cars, clothes etc but like all fads none of these things last.
  • Fast Food = Bad for your health
  • Fast Woman or Men = Eventually wear you out
  • Cars = Gain mileage and creates wear and tear on the engine & frame
  • Clothes = Goes out of style like their fads
So as you can see things come and go so it's important that you remember to stay motivated and trust in your dreams against all odds! In business lots of us not only forget stay motivated but even more importantly to motivate our consumers! As human beings we have a very short attention span and when we loose interest the trill is gone. Which equals poor sales and respect for your brand. So like many of you have or have/not heard owning a business is like having a relationship if you fail or neglect to give him/her attention they loose interest as does your consumers.

So how can I stay motivated I have created a must have motivation list of books and DVD's:

  • The Secret (DVD) see (HERE)
  • The Hustlers 1o Commandments by HOTOP see (HERE)
  • Hustle While You Work by (The above listed author) see (HERE)
  • The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey see (HERE)
  • Getting Things Done by David Allen see (HERE)
  • Tapping The Power Within Iyana Vanzant see (HERE)

I hope these jewels help, motivate and inspire you as they did me and if all else fails look in the mirror at the wonderful creation GOD made and say to yourself I CAN DO WHAT EVER I SET MY MIND TO! Ask GOD for strength and you can get threw anything!!!! Wishing you love & light your boy boyee COOL V aka MR OFFICIAL WHISTLE!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well.... Have You?

Hey You Guys!!!!!!
(Said Like Electric Company Remember that show?)

Anyway, I observed something this week not only as a web observer but as a marketing consultant that has me not surprised at all. What's the did I notice? Is that most small businesses DO NOT ADVERTISE! I always hear a lot of small business owners complain about people not supporting their brand, service or store when in fact they don't support it themselves! How Ironic! In today's business world promotion of your brand is "EVERYTHING" it's the life line of your company/brand no matter what profession or field you choose. It's imperative that you do so! You can expect people to support you when YOU don't even support YOURSELF!!

We've all heard the phrase "Support Begets Support" right? ......So why do we do otherwise? Consumers follow a pattern of brand awareness as do you threw a series of commercials, print or digital marketing. Huge companies have the budget and invest billions on multi-media campaigning to brand on a subliminal level threw repetition. Examples: McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Apple, Microsoft Etc... While small businesses mostly rely on "Word Of Mouth" advertisements but let's face it people the world is much smaller than just your circle of friends and this is the digital age! (In Short Times Have Changed So Shouldn't YOU?)

Technology has changed the way we view and consume products so either you get with the times or get left behind! I notice on most of the online networking platforms LINKED IN, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, NING, ETC that most of the time the only ones truly promoting is either artists, models, promoters, pyramid schemes, online media websites, TV, blogs, labels etc but seldom do I see independent brands pushing their products. You rarely see Real Estate, Medical, Legal or other smaller corporate brands doing so. My question is WHY? If multi-billion dollar companies have to and they are already branded don't you?

This has truly become a lazy generation when we want support of our business when in fact 1/2 of us still don't support ourselves. You wouldn't go to a record store and buy a artist record who you are NOT familiar with so why do you think people would do the same about you? Word of mouth is only valid when that person hears or experienced great things about that brand or experienced something not so pleasant and that's when it backfires! People when you are positioning your product/goods and/or services please remember the following:Do you research know your consumer
  1. Convenience is key the more accessible the better the results
  2. Learn their shopping habits
  3. Create a platform where they frequent
  4. Never assume nor take them for granted
  5. Ask for feedback (very important)
  6. Don't lie they are NOT stupid and once they realize you did you lost!
  7. Price within range
  8. Feed the Need (Give them what THEY want not what you THINK THEY WANT)
  9. Stay in touch with your consumer!
Follow the above steps and I assure you whatever brand your pushing you will gain the attention you seek as well as stay relevant to that consumer base as well!

Once again its official you just heard the whistle!!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Year End that's where, Preparation

Many of you know, it's Year-End Time, that means all Work, no Play, so sometimes when the winds are quiet it's because the Storm is lurking. In our case, it's more about getting things accomplished so we can enjoy the final days, well prepared.

So often we get caught up in our lives, we lose sight of the things that are so important, as we've learned this year, let's keep it Simple Smarta$$, and that goes for many of us that forget how easily it's to rise to the top, yet losing sight along the way of the realities of Life & Money.

Enjoy this story, our heart goes out to the Martin's, however, we can only hope like so many, by reading this one, we can help prevent you & so many alike from making the same mistakes.

Click below to read this MUST READ STORY


Friday, October 15, 2010

Money & Music Salutes Pat-Lee, You know "The Name"?

Money & Music Salutes
"The Name"

Cool V & Money Mike been working with Pat-Lee for some time and already Pat-Lee is making his name heard, with young fans from Alabama to the UK, all the way down, Brazil.
"Addicted to Fresh" (Fashion Gangsta) Single has been heard on major mixtapes and radio stations across the country & overseas.
Not only is he bringing the Fresh, but he's one young one grinding with his mind & eyes focused on the prize, only great things to come, so scoop up his latest EP, one word, "FRESH".

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Toni Braxton: Money & Music

Toni Braxton -- Bankrupt Again, May Owe $50 Mil

Toni Braxton has filed for bankruptcy again -- claiming she owes somewhere between $10 million and $50 million in unpaid debts all over the country ... including DMVs in TWO different states.

Toni Braxton bankruptcy.

Braxton -- who sold more than 40 million albums in her career -- just filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California ... and in the docs, the singer claims she's only worth somewhere between $1 mil and $10 mil ... but she could have up to $50 mil in debts.

In the docs, 43-year-old Braxton lists a ton of creditors to whom she thinks she may owe money... including:

-- AT&T
-- The Four Seasons Hotels
-- Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
-- Various medical bills
-- DirecTV
-- Neiman Marcus
-- The William Morris Agency
-- Tiffany & Co.
-- Orkin Pest Control
-- The Internal Revenue Service

-- BMW Financial Services
-- ADT Security
-- American Express
-- Flamingo Las Vegas
-- Mesa Air Conditioning
-- Nevada Power Company
-- Screen Actors Guild
-- The Westin
-- Wells Fargo Bank

Braxton also claims she may owe money to the City of L.A. Parking Violations Bureau -- and the DMV in both California and Nevada.

Braxton has a storied history of financial problems -- she filed for bankruptcy back in 1998 ... and earlier this year, the IRS filed a lien against her for $396k.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top 5 Tips to Build Wealth, from the best Buffett

Check this article out below:

Top 5 Tips to Build Wealth and Success
Peter Gorenstein and Farnoosh Torabi
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Warren Buffett is worth $45 billion. That wealth isn't only a factor of savvy investing and good business — the "Oracle of Omaha" is also known as a penny pincher. Buffett still lives in the same Omaha, Neb., home he bought in 1958 for $31,500.

Follow his frugal formula, and you too may wind up with a lot more money than you ever dreamed.

This week Financially Fit covers five tips to build wealth and success.

1. Live Below Your Means.
Being wealthy isn't just a product of your salary or investment prowess; it's learning how to save.

"We can make a lot of money, you can make a little bit of money, but the second you spend all the money is when people get into trouble. Saving is the key to preserving your wealth," says Ed Butowsky, managing partner of Chapwood Capital Investment Management, a firm that manages money for wealthy individuals.

As many Americans realized during the booming real estate market, just because you think you can afford something doesn't mean you should buy it. Keeping an eye on your bottom line will pay dividends over the long term.

2. Bounce Back From Defeat
With nearly 15 million workers unemployed right now in the U.S., it's easy to get discouraged. Don't! Most successful and wealthy people have overcome obstacles and failure along the way. Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple when he was 30. Today, he's a billionaire and a legend. Plus, after getting fired, he created another billion-dollar media company, Pixar.

"Bouncing back from defeat is something all great achievers have. They have this undying belief good things will happen and will continue to happen," says Butowsky.

Take Michael Jordan. "His airness" was cut from his high school basketball team. Motivated by the rejection, Jordan became a star the next season. The rest is history.

3. Self-Promote
Regardless of the profession, the rich and successful tend to have a strong sense of self-worth — key to skillfully navigating an upward career path. Mark Hurd, who was ousted as CEO of Hewlett-Packard in August, couldn't be kept down for long. Using his business skills and connections, in September, Hurd was named president of Oracle. (Hurd and Oracle founder Larry Ellison are known to be close friends.)

4. Have Street Smarts
Bernie Madoff lived the high life for decades, scamming unsuspecting clients, with a money-making formula that proved too good to be true. Only afterward did we learn that with a little due diligence, most clients could have easily uncovered the fraud.

But it's not only the swindlers and the con men you have to watch out for. Many times, friends and family take advantage of the rich. Whether it's a handout or an investment idea, Butowsky advises his high net worth clients that in most cases, it's wisest to just say "no." The best way to do that: have someone else do it for you.

"You need to really set up a wall between you and your family," he advises. "If you don't want to give them (family or friends) money ... saying no is probably a good idea."

5. Buy Cheap
The rich can afford to splurge, but that doesn't mean they do.

John Paulson, a billionaire hedge fund manager, bought his Hamptons "dream house at a bargain basement price," according to Greg Zuckerman, author of the Paulson-based book, "The Greatest Trade Ever." The story has it that Paulson eyed the home while it was in foreclosure. Finally, on a rain-soaked day, he purchased the home on the Southampton town hall steps. He was the only bidder.

On New York City's Upper East Side, Michael's— The Consignment Shop for Women— has been a bargain-hunting destination for more than 60 years. "We have a good percentage of women who can afford to shop on Madison Avenue but really like the idea of saving that money," says proprietor Tammy Gates.

From Chanel to Gucci and Louis Vuitton, the store specializes in high-end designer merchandise for a reasonable price. Speaking of her clientele, Gates says, "they're wealthy for a reason. They recognize that bargains keep people wealthy. Paying top dollar when you don't have to doesn't make sense."

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Best Ever Did It", Money & Music Show, Brazil Live from Rio De Janeiro

Kiza Sosay has join forces with one of the hottest producers on the West Coast just to give you a taste of what's to come.

Shouts out to our homie, Kiza Sosay for dropping a little taste. We already know you got the flowz & skillz to rip every track you touch, so what's next?
...stay tuned
or catch exclusive releases like this one first, every
Wednesday Night 8pm Est
Money & Music Show, Brazil
live from Rio De Janeiro
with DJ ROW G

You don't believe the hype?
Drop IT!!! ROW G

Monday, September 13, 2010

DJ King Assassin teams up with LOKIXXIMO: DOWNLOAD NEW MIXTAPE


BIG SHOUT OUT TO OUR HOMIE, DJ KING ASSASSIN for this release, talk about someone on their grind recently. He's been working on new releases with Wyclef, Ja Rule, and Lokixximo, while running 982 The Beat and and how many other projects? All while still keeping up with the jones's, and heading how many DJ squads? CONGRATS on this one
Keep doing it Big Fam it's your time.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Official Video Release: Trillogy "Ride Around Town"

MONEY & MUSIC & Trunkhustlers FAMILY

Big shout out to Dre Dinero & Ronnie Knottz
for releasing this one
If you don't know by now, BETTER join on the ride
because we assure you it's going to be a long one straight to the TOP!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Cost of Stupidity

It's time we go in on this one, it's the 800 Pound Gorilla that no one wants to step up, and address. This morning, we checked out a few blogs, got some news blasts in our emails, the normal day. So what do we find, the normal PROBLEMS of Stupidity, that continue to surface, yet NO Leader/Role Model is stepping up to the plate and addressing what we constantly see from the Music/Sports Industries...STUPIDITY!!!

Let's start off by reading, these two Headlines:

September 2, 2010

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- "Grammy-winning rapper T.I., who is still on probation after spending time behind bars on gun charges, was arrested along with his wife on drug charges after police smelled alleged marijuana coming from their car, authorities said.The Wednesday night arrests for possession of a controlled substance occurred in West Hollywood during a traffic stop, Los Angeles sheriff's deputy Mark Pope told The Associated Press.", Aug. 31st, 2010
DAVIE, Fla. (AP) -- Several Miami Dolphins crawled across the field after practice Tuesday -- not due to exhaustion, but because they were looking for a diamond earring.

Defensive end Kendall Langford said he forgot to take his earrings off before practice and lost one during drills. He said the diamond was nearly 2.5 carats, which is why he was still on the field an hour after practice scanning the grass.

How quickly you can rise in your profession and how quickly you can fall, but to allow STUPIDITY to continue to run ramped from these "so-called" role models, is simply unacceptable.

We are in very difficult times, did Kendall missed the conference/meetings that talk about the lifespan of an NFL athlete??? Or the average lifespan of an NFL athletes funds after leaving Pro Football??

Did TI, not have enough time in prison to figure it out, that second chances sometimes only come once? That many never get a second chance.

How about Paris Hilton? Lawrence Taylor?? Big Ben the QB from Pittsburgh???...the list goes on and on...oh...but no worries they got the MONEY$$$, they got the FAME, so who cares? What's Lawyer fees amongs fees, court fees, fines, jail time, ...time itself $$$ that's what!

Yet we wake up everyday, and see more and more bonehead decisions, but these are quote un-quote SUCCESSFUL/Famous athletes or entertainers, so it's okay, right? WRONG!

The reality is, Society/Media and most of all PARENTS/Role Models need to start waking up to the fact that, these decisions are UNACCEPTABLE, and should have been taught & learned at early ages in life, yet these are GROWN MEN/WOMEN continuing to think they are above the LAW or the FACTS of Life simply don't apply to their status.

As you know, we will not sit here and scold & beat a dead horse, but instead talk about what needs to be done.

Life is Not Easy, "Your destiny in Not Determined by the CHANCES You take, but instead the Choices you make."

So let's stop talking or seeing any importance in the Bling, the Blang, the Bang, and start talking about LIFE and the difficult journey ahead, and the positive ways to lead your life. It's time to turn our attentions & focus to those that are the Real Successful Ones...the Will Smith's, Mark Wahlberg's, Russell Simmons, BO Jackson, Jerry Rice's.. parents practicing & teaching right from wrong...list goes's time to turn back the clock on the Family Values, Financial Fundamentals, basics of life.


...cuz its....VERY EXPENSIVE!!! Ask Method Man, Lil Wayne, TI, Ben Roethlisburger, Lindsay...or better yet Kendall Langford with his earring...and it's 10 Years from now...

A lot of People talk & talk & talk about it...but it's time for our Role Models and us alike start doing something about it, by Turning Profit$$$ from Intelligence...

NOW THAT WOULD BE make it happen!!!

MTV, BET, CNN, FOX, VIACOM, TMZ...where ya at?

P.s. Shout out to Chad Ocho Cinco...we see you with them cubic zirconias, now that's FRESH! (Kendall missed that episode)! We hope the SMART money is doing what it's suppose too, Working for ya, Intelligently. If not, Money Mike is our go to resource. To all our Go-Getters never hesitate to use Money Mike as a financial resource or Cool V as your marketing guide.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Tennis Pro, Gigi Fernandez talks about Retirement Regrets

For those that don't know, Money Mike was a top level tennis amateur player, ranking Top 10 in his region in juniors, played at the national level, played for national champion collegiate school, and number #1 singles at a Division 1, University. He actually met Gigi many times growing up in DC at one the very familiar back then, Virgina Slims Tennis Tourneys.
So we post this one from one of the best, Gigi Fernandez, from her words to your eyes & hears.

So listen up...

Gigi's story

"I assumed that I had saved enough to last a lifetime," says former pro tennis player Gigi Fernandez. "I made quite a bit of money when I was playing -- prize money, exhibitions, endorsement appearances."

Unfortunately, that money didn't last a lifetime. "My lifestyle didn't change. One or two bad investments, a market crash here, a Ponzi scheme there, and lo and behold, there isn't enough to last. So I have had to reinvent myself. Went back to school and got an MBA and now I am an entrepreneur."

Fernandez isn't alone in finding the waters of retirement perilous to navigate. In some ways, she is luckier than most, because at 46 she is young enough to get back in the game (so to speak) and set aside more money for her later-in-life needs.

"I founded a company called Baby Goes Pro that introduces young children to sports via a DVD," she says. Though only a few months old, "we have had great things happen so far, including being part of the Easter Egg Roll at the White House and an order from Target to be in all their stores." It helps that Fernandez can call Annika Sorenstam or Alex Rodriguez to pick their brains about the next sports video she is producing.

"I think two common mistakes people make when retiring is thinking that they have enough money saved to last them a lifetime and not adjusting their lifestyle to the current cash-flow situation," she says.

Like many other people at or near retirement age, there's a lot she would have done differently, if she'd known then what she knows now.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Cool V- Would like to give you the "Best TIP EVER" It's simple yet most of of us do this everyday! Stop assuming your consumer! If you truly want to get someone's respect you got to work a lil harder than a sales pitch to gain/instill their trust if you want them to "Truly Care" this means stop forcing your brand or opinion on them. Relax let them see the quality of your work and let ....."THAT SPEAK FOR ITSELF"! A wise person once told me "if you want to see life or people for what or who they truly are Just Sit Still" Now with that said I am NOT saying don't push or promote your brand or wait until business finds you rather sometimes we are so busy talking trying to push a product that we forget to the most important thing and that is to listen to what the consumer need!

Let me give you a scenario:

Business: Good morning kind sir/madam how are you?
Consumer: I'm ok

Business: We have a brand new flat screen television on sale for only $500.00 isn't that a steal?
Consumer: Yes it its "but" Im here browsing for something else

Business: But sir your gonna pass up a TV for that price? Your missing a great deal!
Consumer: I agree it's a excellent price but that's "not" what I'm looking for!

Business: Ok well I'd Hate for you to loose out but ok!
Consumer: Thank you for your time I think I'm going to look for my wife now!

Business: Thank you and have a great day!
Consumer: You do the same!

Now what was wrong with that scenario? The salesman didn't listen!!!! The consumer informed him three times he was NOT looking for a TV! Now although that may have been an amazing deal but a number of reasons could have came have been the reason it wasn't a go:
  1. He already have enough Flatscreen TV's
  2. He rarely watches television
  3. His wife is blind and he has to work 3 jobs
  4. He was shopping for another item
  5. etc..
There could have been a variety of reasons but because he was more interested in making a sale he lost site of the most important thing to to and that was to gain his clients "TRUST" which plays the most important part in a sale. Because if your consumer does not have faith in your or the brand you represent is he's going to purchase your product? Chances are most likely not. Also be careful to watch your attitude or tone with your consumer because this will also hinder a sell. Things would have went a lot smoother if the salesperson just asked the consumer what exactly was it he was looking for. Another thing that could have helped is if he asked how could he be of better assistance? Both would have got what they was looking for! But because the salesperson was only interested in what he wanted then this became a heartless sale. (A sale with no emotion or care for the consumers needs)

We all know that in business most people have the attitude "it's not personal just business" but it is because when you invade a persons personal space you are now in "Their WORLD" They are not No longer caring about your store or brand until you gain their trust? (Your Introduction) The 1st thing in sales you learn is your selling "YOURSELF' 1st!!!!! Why?... because if the person doesn't buy you then trust me the same usually applies to the product your selling.

So in short "Stop, Look & Listen" don't be so eager or too busy trying to sell your brand that you forget the most important part of the deal "The Consumer & Your Relationship" this is the most vital part of the process that separates the successful return customer from the passer by!

Have a great day and It Ain't Official Unless U heard The Whistle!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"NFL Rookies Warned on Money" time Money & Music joins this discussion

For reprint reasons we will instead link this week's headline post in the USA TODAY "NFL Rookies Warned on Money" (click here to read entire article).

Why did we resort to Money Mike on this one? Because he is a Registered Investment Advisor, someone who has contemplated and able to qualify to join the NFLPA's union of financial advisors, but after having a conversation with one of our past guests, Elton Brown (Superbowl Lineman from the Arizona Cardinals), Money Mike revealed, "yes" he could, would, and was able to qualify to be part of the NFLPA's financial advisors union, even has the paperwork still in his files, but what did that really mean? From our conversations with him, what it really meant was paying 500+$ (annual fee) to be listed as a "Qualified advisor" on their 450+ list that the Rookies get of financial advisors during their Rookie meetings. Elton & Mike, talked about will that really make a difference? Their conclusions, would you trust someone because they are on a paid list, would that mean Money Mike is more qualified, more trusted? Before reading on...please read the article, better yet, read past blog archives, listen to past Money & Music Shows.

I met Money Mike in the late 90's, he was like any other young successful dude, just having fun, working hard, and never thought where our destiny's would take us. Since it's Caribana only brings back true memories when we after one helluva event in Canada @ the Gov't, did we say to ourselves..."Wow, there is so much the Entertainment and Sports Industries lack, True Guidance" like the article points out, not that fancy suit, fancy car, legal/financial lingo, having you run for the hills if you dare to ask a question. No instead, someone you can sit down with you, look you in the eyes, kick you in the ass & tell you stop being so DUMB!!! While enjoying the game or bumpin some good music, all on the same level. We respect the fact the NFLPA set up such a union, and continues to preach and educate young athletes the importance of finances, yet are the role models preaching from success or from the failures that so many made? How about we stop preaching and stop LEACHING on to these athletes/entertainers as they are anyone different then anyone else? We have serious problems as a society, forget the whole fame blame. Today's economy affects all walks of life, no matter how many zeroes are after your bank account.

The problem, it's the Bling and the Blang, society and media, portray as Success. The Reality is...well start tuning in...start reading the posts, we can only lead the horse to the water, it's up to you to do something about it. So all you artists & athletes, at the end of the day, the blame only lies with you, Ask yourself one simple question, "After I'm done with my career, what plan do I have in place and where will my income come from?" as our boy Money Mike would say instead, " What is your lifestyle now and how much money do you need to maintain it for future years?"

Now why is Health such a important concept to me? Because a few years ago I was effected by a getting hit by a drunk driver which left me paralyzed for a few months and on a cane for a few years. This effected "EVERYTHING" not even just in the past but in the present as well because time to time when the weather change I'm still effected. Because I wasn't able to exercise and lack of a proper nourishment I also had a poor diet which triggered "Sugar Diabetes" which is so prevalent in my family because most of my siblings suffer from this disease from both of my grandmothers, aunts, father and even my sister suffer from the same illness. This left me in even worse condition. I have dealt with many of things but trust me when I tell you Sugar is nothing to play with it has resulted in the passing of both of my grandmothers, My fathers foot being amputated and my my aunt with a stroke.

You may heard many say "Your Heath is Your Wealth" but from personal experience I can tell you without it you have "NOTHING" don't let "NOTHING" nor "NO ONE" effect this because this will have a trickle down effect it will effect your finance, relationships, family and your overall existence. So plan ahead and think smart.

Money & Music is a movement that continues to strengthen, the show will be back shortly, so stay tuned, stay up to date, and keep educating because EDUCATION & your HEALTH is your TRUE WEALTH.

You Heard The Whistle It's Official!