Monday, January 25, 2010

"Respect My Hustle"

Hotep has been recognized by Congress and has won numerous awards for his revolutionary work. Additionally, he has been featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Washington Post, The Atlanta Voice, XXL, Grip Magazine, The Progress Report, The Champion, RollingOut Magazine, GoodNews Magazine, PBS, Comcast Cable and many other print, TV and Radio stations.

Do you know Hotep?
If you're in the Music Industry, you may remember Hotep as the rapper who in 2002, shot the largest scale independent music video completely on HD; Hotep became the first artist to release a CD and DVD in the same package. He is co-owner of the world-renowned Producer's Swapmeet in Atlanta, GA.

If you're in the Film Industry, you may remember Hotep as the filmmaker who had a theatrical release of his first documentary (featured on the Hustler's Guide DVD) in November 2005 and how it beat Harry Potter 4 at the local Atlanta box office.

If you're in the Literary Industry, you might know Hotep as the publisher/ author who penned the entrepreneur's Bible, The Hustler's 10 Commandments. Then in 2007, revolutionized the concept of MSI and wrote the working entrepreneur's manifesto, Hustle While You Work.

Entrepreneurs know Hotep as CEO of Skinnymen Productions and President of HustleUniversity.Org our nation's first-ever virtual college for progressive, independent-minded entrepreneurs.

However you know Hotep, it is important you are aware that he has built an entirely independent multi-media edutainment empire totally from scratch! Known as The One Man Brand, he calls his teaching of this empowered mind state, spreading "The Hustler's Gospel", which happens to be the title of the 3rd book in his trilogy.

Looks like those technical kinks are getting worked out, as we get Ready to Pop it off with and FM JAMS in the next couple of weeks , NEW TIME, NEW SYNDICATES, 10pm Eastern, 7pm on the West Coast. So how could we not pop it off with none other than our Guest, "Hotep", who dropped some serious Nuggets for our Go-Getters. So Big Thanks to "Hotep", and our Callers/listeners aka "Go-Getters" for joining us on another Heavy Money & Music Monday. If you missed this one...we say it, but only our Go-Getters, "GET IT", the Time is NOW, sit back, press play, get your notepads/pens as NYC KEN said...& enjoy...



This week "Money Mike" & "Cool V" went ahead and went in on a very serious Show, by following up the Year of the Go-Getter with a Show that went ahead and stessed the importance of your "FOUNDATION" so "Build & Respect it". "Cool V" went ahead and hit the nail on the head, this was one show you could pay hundreds to join in on at a Workshop, Conference, or Seminar. So parlaying off of last week's show, if you Respect your Hustle, then you understand how Quickly it can be taken away from you, and the value & importance or should we say MUST!! it is to implement INSURANCE as a Fixed Expense into your Practice to protect your livelihood, family, and future.

Too often, entrepreneurs aren’t convinced that business insurance is a justified expense in the early days of operating a business. There’s some types of insurance that we can probably go without unless it’s provided by an employer, like vision insurance or dental insurance, but there are some types of insurance that are critical. Unfortunately, many small business owners learn the hard way just how important getting and maintaining proper insurance coverage really is. Anyone who has ever experienced the need to file a business insurance claim will gladly inform you that paying your insurance premiums is one the most important investments you can make in your company.

You might even find yourself being targeted for theft for the very fact that your company is brand new. Thieves might even find the idea of robbing a new business to be more appealing than breaking in to one that is already established. After all, brand new computers and furniture will bring a higher price when pawned or sold to waiting buyers. It’s important to protect the building in which your business is housed, assuming you own it, as well as the contents of the structure.

No matter what period of time you have been in business, there is always a possibility that you can experience a problem that requires proper insurance coverage. Fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can impact brand new businesses just as easily as they can affect established operations. If you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters, you may want to add business interruption coverage to your insurance plan, so that you won’t experience a loss of cash flow during the days that your business has to be closed following a weather crisis or other disaster.

Burglaries and natural disasters aren’t the only occurrences that small business owners need to protect themselves against. It’s also important to make sure that your company has proper levels of liability coverage. Depending on the type and size of your business, you may need liability insurance against product defects. If you or your employees operate a vehicle while representing your company, you probably need automobile liability coverage. If customers visit your place of business, you need a liability policy in place to cover you in case they get injured on your property.

The need for business insurance doesn’t even stop there. We live in a very litigious society, and business owners have to protect themselves against all types of lawsuits. In many cases, businesses need professional liability policies, malpractice insurance, and business practices coverage. Without the proper coverage, your business could be just one mistake or accusation away from facing financial ruin. That’s why all small business owners have to realize just how important business insurance really is, and take steps to get the coverage they need to protect their companies for the future.

And last of not least, do not go without individual medical insurance. If you get sick and can’t run your business, make sure there’s money to get you well again.
(© American Consumer News, LLC 2008.)
Now, you see the GREEN Button, DON'T PRESS IT!!! It's like the Bat Mobile, you don't know where it will take you.

So as our Theme Song Goes, "Don't Mess with My Money, Don't Mess with My Music", so Seek Proper Counsel, Insurance is NOT FOR EVERYONE, however, speak to an expert, not just an insurance agent, to guide you but someone who Works for You, with the proper licensing, experience, background, and most of all expertise to what your needs are.


Serious Inquiries ONLY!!!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Official Money & Music Show and 98.2 the Beat

It's Official, You know who just gave the "WHISTLE" that's Right, The Money & Music Show Welcomes 98.2 The Beat & their Team to a New Time, New Listeners, New Go-Getters!!! 2010.

We want to THANK ALL those that made this happen without YOU & your support for this serious movement, we could never have gotten to this point. Yet, it's just the beginning. You see it was because YOU CARE, and like our Fam "DJ King Assassin" said it so well "REAL G's do REAL THANGZ", Let's Make History Together...while them HATERZ TALK, HUSTLERS WALK.

Coming off of this week's 100th Post, on MLK DAY, King Assassin's Bday, Atiba's WEDDING DAY, Stevie Stone's "Kick it Off" (FLAMENGO Tribute) CLICK TO WATCH, Ice T & DJ King Assassin's Exclusive Leak "The GODFATHER of Gangsta Rap" CLICK TO DOWNLOAD & Wyclef "How the West Was Won" Click to Listen, & on Wordsmith's Birthday...we just couldn't stop the FUN we are we thought We'd Hook You UP FIRST...cuz this Week isn't OVER...stay tuned...see You SAME DAY Money & Music MONDAYS at a NEW TIME, "MONEY & MUSIC SHOW" 10pm East Coast, Prime Time 7pm West Coast 8pm Mtn 9pm Central...We see you Brasileiros... DJ ROW G dropped their new station also & the Many Go-Getters WORLDWIDE...and if we left you OUT, it's ALL LOVE you know where you are in hearts which matters most, we will see you soon...

Wordsmith in his US single "Hook Up Hotline" Produced by Strada, off his debut album "Vintage Experience" dropping in March 30th, 2010.

Don't forget to get your free copy of Wordsmith's next mixtape "Vintage Vault" on February 23rd, 2010 Hosted by DJ Ames

WE WERE FORTUNATE TO BE BEHIND THE SCENES ON THIS ONE, but WORD TO THE TRUE HIP HOP FAN, March 30th Can't Come Soon Enough for HIP HOP...we'll finish This Post like we started it...NOW IT's OFFICIAL CHECK IT!!! get'em WORDSMITH

(Haterz Shirts CLICK TO PURCHASE: Rock'em Hustlers before them Haterz Do!!! 15$ plus shipping & Handling if you mention 98.2 the Beat)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MLK Day Tribute Show & FIRST Heard Music News!!!


(After 20 years of djaying,rappin', producing for a who's who of California royalty including the late Tupac Shakur and being one of the first of the elite team of West coast producers in 1993 to be working with Russell Simmons at Def Jam/West Records. Assassin has not only established himself as a respected music producer, and DJ, he is the DJ for Celebritys & Multi-Platinum Artist Rob Base , Rappin4Tay & Drew Sidora from the legendary label Slip N Slide Records,Check Game though, He can also rock the microphone with the best of them.Dj King Assassin has released over 40 retail albums & mixtapes . With distribution deals with three Major Labels EMI,UNIVERSAL,KOCH Assassin Has new upcoming releases that feature Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Mistah F.A.B, South Central Cartel , Ice-T , Ja-Rule ,Turf Talk, Digital Underground’s Shock G , Money B ,Wyclef Jean, Akon & Rampage just to name a few. With new Hit singles featuring Big Snoop Dogg , Rappin4Tay - Getting early radio spins, this project is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated projects in 2010 released by Dj King Assassin- Turntable Credits range from scratching on the Legendary Eazy E's album to working with Ryhthm D in Echo Sound to Thuglife Members Big Syke and Mopreme Shakur.Dj King Teams Up With Wyclef Jean In 2010 to present How The West Was Won E.P . The King helps out with todays generation in organizing programs for the youth of today at community centers around the world and going to high schools to learn the industry is what Dj King Assassin is known for by giving knowledge of the music game from distribution to publishing. He has contributed to the Berkeley University that teaches knowledge on HipHop and the life of Tupac Shakur numerous knowledge and free content for college students attending U.C Berkeley. Numerous stations he contributes also include Standford University and over 200 stations on-line, local colleges with fm public frequency's including teaming up with 98.2 The Beat In Los Angeles which is broadcasted Worldwide.Dj King Assassin is a positive motivated speaker that can teach the youth and today's generation an experienced career and helpful knowledge to generate financial freedom in today's entertainment . Dj King Assassin has also just joined forces with his Syndicated Network Radio Show and merged with Slip N Slide records the elite dj coalition which is the biggest dj force in the world.)

Wow!!! What a show, what a let's first start off by thanking none of other than the DJ King Assassin coming off his Happy Belated Birthday, for joining "Cool V" & "Money Mike", on what turned out to be a show that will forever be remembered in History. That's right, DJ King Assassin honored Money & Music by first ever introducing and leaking out that he and ICE T Produced an album to be dropping this year in 2010, "The Godfather of Gangsta Rap", so call MTV, BET, TMZ, and all your local reporters, to let them know where you heard it FIRST!!! ONLY on the MONEY & MUSIC SHOW, so if you missed this, there's much much more...DJ's, Young Artists and Old, this is one show you want to sit back, get your pens & pads, press play, rewind, and play again, and learn from 50+ years of Experience Combined.


Click on the Money & Music Show & ENJOY the many NUGGETS that can help you reach your goals.

This week our Topic was "Insurance", however, if you've taken the time to listen, you will know why, we are going to hold off, take a deep breath, and follow-up next week, with more information on Insurance. We feel this was one heavy show, that has so much to take in and digest, so we decided to instead go ahead & give some Heat to enjoy, now that class is over. Also, to give all our new followers, supporters, & Go-Getters time to catch up on past blog posts, as "Dj King Assassin" said well, "Knowledge is Power".

Now that you've heard it FIRST, we also wanted to GIVE IT TO YOU 1ST!!! That's right, it's 2010 the year of the Go-Getter, and we wouldn't be Money if we didn't give you that MUSIC, while it's FRESH...

DJ King Assassin provided us "Exclusive" Tracks off their New Album, Wyclef Toussaint St. Jean.

"How the West Was Won" by Wyclef & DJ King Assassin:

Listen/Download Here

DJ King Assassin Presents: "Weed for Sale" Listen/Download Here

As Promised & Now Delivered


So there you have it, what more needs to be said? stay tuned we have much more coming this week...thanks again King Assassin we look forward to seeing you on 982 the Beat & our many future endeavors.

For serious inquiries only!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brazil, "Kick it Off" Stevie Stone Homenageia Hexa Campeao Flamengo

Importance of a Paper Trail

Well "Cool V" & "Money Mike", decided to follow-up this week's show on their own, it was about time, that we get listen to these experienced professionals follow-up on last week's show, with some serious insight. We want to first thank all of you that have been following and supporting the movement, giving "Cool V" and "Money Mike" more reason to keep on giving. If you missed this week's show and want to get your notepads out, it's time to increase the bottomline!!!


Click on the Money & Music Show & Enjoy the Information

Take a look below as "Cool V" sheds light on what he said during the show from the Marketing side of your business, while "Money Mike" as always focused on the financial importance of a Paper Trail for a variety of reasons. If you were not able to spend the time listening to the show above, the basics are here below:

Importance of a Paper Trail

Is not only for your accountant, your banker, your attorney, financial advisor, but most importantly YOURSELF. A basic business question to any business owner besides showing your Tax Returns, can you provide your P&L? What is a P&L?

Definition of a Profit & Loss Statement
An official quarterly or annual financial document published by a public company, showing earnings, expenses, and net profit. Net income is determined from this financial report by subtracting total expenses from total revenue. The profit and loss statement and the balance sheet are the two major financial reports that every public company publishes. The difference between this statement and the balance sheet deals with the periods of time that each one represents. The profit and loss statement shows transactions over a given period of time (usually quarterly or annually), whereas the balance sheet gives a snapshot holdings on a specific date. also called income statement or earnings report.

The point here is, yes this is the definition, but how can you expect any bank, loan officer, investor, etc...provide you a loan or investment when there is no Paper Trail of Proof when showing your Profit & Losses for the year. It's like buying car, but yet have no Deed/Title to show for it, who owns it? If so, prove it!!!

As a business owner, the belief many times is it's safer to take Cash, because someone can't Default on Cash, or like the saying goes Cash is King. The reality is, how many times does someone give you cash, and by the end of the week, you have nothing to Show for it, don't even know where it went or how it was spent. This is the Reality of Cash, imagine you run your business like this. Do you really think because it's Cash, it's better than a check, money order, or wire/paypal? If your answer is I can do more with Cash, then you've already shown that you are not Serious about your Business, and so why should anyone be serious in Doing Business with You.

Please do not take what's written here out of context, we understand there are businesses that only deal with cash, just make sure at the end of the day, you can show a paper trail or account for what came in and what went out, like they say clear the register. So before any of that cash is spent, a Deposit with Receipt and Logged into your Daily Cash Log is accounted for.

"Cool V" talked about Reputation, what kind of reputation does someone really have if they can't provide a Business Check, with a Business Name on it, or Personal with their Real Name & Address? Are we suppose to take your business seriously, with alias names or only able to do business in Cash. You may even want to rethink is that business or person someone you want to be doing business with if they don't have a business checking/personal checking account, and only accepts CASH. If anything, you portray an image of having to HIDE something. If you do a 100 shows and receive $500, that's $50,000, ask yourself, with Cash for each show, can you prove it? Forget anyone else, can you prove it to yourself? Do you know if you are profitable?

So at the end of the day, begin to change your Business Model, and accept Recordable Transactions Only.. ie...Check, Money Order, Paypal, anything that can be recorded & saved for your accountant or tax time, most importantly for YOURSELF and your Business.

Remember, "If you have to pay more Taxes, that is a Good thing, it means you Made that much more Money". 2010, start the year off on a new foot, hold your self and business accountable & at the end of the year, pull out your Paper Trail, and do your P&L, at least you will know if you were or weren't Profitable, most importantly what you need to FIX in your own operations.

...till next week
have questions? need answers?
Serious Inquiries Only

New Marketing Opportunities (Follow-Up to Last Night's Show In Case You Missed it!)

Hey People!

1st I would like to say "Happy 2010" 2nd I would like to ask you is YOUR marketing set for this year? If not & if you DON'T have a marketing plan nor adviser I strongly urge you to do so but before you make that leap here's somethings you should always be on the look-out for!


Why is that so important?

Because Marketing Consultants work similar to Attorneys ( He cannot represent your case until he hears the full details from your point of view and more importantly because ("EVERY CASE IS DIFFERENT!") or like Map Quest "Because it needs a start and a finish to provide you with adequate directions."

* Cookie Cutter Packages (If they offer "EVERYONE" the same product how can ANYONE STAND OUT!)

* Name Droppers and Loud talkers with no Resume or trail of work (You should be able to Goggle THEM AND THEIR NAME POP UP!)

* Client referrals (The best way to see if a person is still relevant see what their clients are saying and please notice the dates)

* Bigger is NOT always better!!! ( I can NOT enforce this enough remember corporate strategies they are interested in quantity NOT quality you become just a number!)

* Do your homework does this business cater to YOUR needs!!!!

* YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! (The days of scheming is over don't expect the world for two dollars!)

* New technology remember today business is all about convenience that's why we eat fast food and shop on the Internet.

* Do they provide GOOD Customer service - Do they provide quality services for ALL of their clients or will you be on hold with a automated system which will make you repeat your steps 100 x's lol


Have a Great week your boy "Cool V" The Industry Insomniac!
Remember these tips and if you are in the NEED of quality marketing services just give me a call! 804-592-6658 or email me

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Opportunities" with Trillogy

Starr Media Group LLC.

stand alone player
So did we go in or did we go in on this week's Money & Music Show? This is the year of 2010, Money & Music is ready to make the splash with the rest of the family, Go-Getters??? Big Shout out & Special Thanks to Starr Media Group's Trillogy, JayWill, Kira, OxPro, Dre Dinero, & Ronnie Knottz for joining us & Kicking Off 2010 with one Heavy Show. So for all of you that weren't able to make it, sit back press play, enjoy, these up&comers, and the insight "Cool V" & "Money Mike" were sure to drop with this week's topic focusing on "Opportunities".



"Opportunities" are presented to us on an everyday basis, the real question is, Are you taking advantage of them? We must always remember without RISK there is NO REWARD. The typical excuses of not having enough time to implement it, or fear of failure, or your belief wasn't "good enough" or "big enough" to succeed with an opportunity.

And you are given "Opportunities" ALL THE TIME! It is the Universe's way of guiding you on a daily basis, literally pulling you by the hand and pointing you in the direction that will help you accomplish your dreams, but the question is... are you listening? Are you going to do something about it? If you're not where you want to be financially in your business, one of the major reasons is your non-action. If you're still at the same place you were before, it's because you're unwilling to take advantage of the opportunity that is right in front of you, and has been for a long time.
"To get different results, you need to do things differently". To get to the level you want to achieve in your career, you must be willing to DO what you haven't done before, to be willing to take calculated risks. You may fall down over and over, so long as you are getting back up and learning from yours or others mistakes, nothing and no one can keep you down.
If you are not where you want it to be, then you don't "know" it yet, you've just heard of it. In fact, you don't "know" anything until you live it, breathe it and take action on it day in and day out.

Points to remember

Be smart with those that are close to you, just because they are family or friend, doesn't mean they have your best interest or actually the knowledge/experience to guide you in the right direction.

Always do your homework and research on any opportunity given, the good ole' saying "If it sounds to good to be true, it normally is" This is not always the case, but the point is don't jump into things without having done your research about the people involved, the opportunity itself and the background and history of those that will be apart of your PLAN. (Can we SAY, PLAN) Most importantly, what is the PLAN? Is it in WRITING? Ideas are great, talk is just that, show me in WRITING how you will get from point A to Z.

Patience is virtue. When an opportunity presents itself, it should take time to develop. Ever hear someone tell you "If you don't do this today, it will be gone tomorrow"? The fact is, if it truly is gone tomorrow and you have not done your necessary evaluation to determine if that opportunity was right for you or not, good chances are it was not the opportunity for you. So take your time when making decisions, ask the what ifs, ask the hard questions, and always know Good Opportunities take time to develop.


Most importantly, ALWAYS FOLLOW UP. You never know when "Opportunity" comes knocking, whether it be someone reaching out with a phone call, email, voicemail...etc..etc... No matter how successful you are or not, you never know when "Opportunity" may pass you by. Have you ever met someone really successful in life, someone really successful at what they do, and has been for many many years...ever notice how humble and willing they are to talk to you? Ask yourself why do you think that is? Or have you ever talked to someone that you perceive as successful, yet didn't give you the time of day? Ask yourself which one do you want to be, and which one do you think was truly the successful one in life? Success is not determined by what car, house, jewelry you have, success is determined by your Whole Life as a PERSON, and those you helped along the way. So do you really think the most successful people in life FORGOT to return that phone call, email, v/m...or to at least say "NO THANK YOU" or better yet, "THANK YOU"...what a refreshing statement, "THANK YOU"

How many times do you hear that one, "THANK YOU" about how many "Opportunities" in life have been missed, because someone just forgot to Follow-up with the most refreshing statement, "THANK YOU".

On that note, we want to say "Thank You" for joining us and the Money & Music movement, should you be in need of expert advice from the industry's Marketing Guru "Cool V" or Financial Counsel from one of the financial industry's best "Money Mike", feel free to email: SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!! ....till next week...

QUOTE: "Most people confuse wishing and wanting with pursuing. You must place your trust in ACTION." - Price Pritchett

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year, Go-Getters!!! 2010 is Your Year

This is the Year of the Go-Getter!!! And we're pleased to kick it off with Money & Music Fam, Wordsmith, as he dropped us an exclusive snippet of what's coming for this soon to be household name, as he releases his much anticipated debut album, "Vintage Experience". Tune in the upcoming months so you can enjoy FIRST, history in the making.

This is the 1st release "LEAP OF FAITH (Produced by J. Stillton)," off of Wordsmith's promotional Mixtape"VINTAGE VAULT" dropping online February 9th, 2010. A Precursor to Word's Debut Album, "VINTAGE EXPERIENCE," hitting online outlets March of 2010, these promo releases should keep all fans occupied til its release. Most of the material on the mixtape has been locked up in Word's crates since 2006, so enjoy unlocking quality music that has marinated for the past few years.

The Mixtape is mixed/blended by NU Revolution DeeJays "DJ Ykcor" and "DJ Leche," while the project is hosted by the top UK Mixtape Deejay "DJ Ames." Production on the mixtape stays in house with Strada, Professa, Capish, and Street Level lending some heat and UK super producer "Stealf" contributing a track as well. Features include NU Revolution Camp Super group "Kontact & Black Knight," Junclassic, Whitefolkz, Sean Toure, Braille, Steadfast and more along with UK superstars Manny Mascow & Genesis Elijah.

Wordsmith's official solo debut "Vintage Experience" is set to hit online outlets March of 2010.

Here is a little behind the scenes footage with "Money Mike", from Wordsmith's Music Video shoot for his US Single, "Hook-Up Hotline;" appearing on his debut album "Vintage Experience" dropping in March. The music video was Directed by Seannie Cameras and features location and clothing spots at DC's own Durkl ( clothing. "Hook-Up Hotline" is heating up on WCCG-FM, WEUP-FM, WSRV-FM, WNOV-AM and more in the coming weeks leading up to the album, so stay tuned!!!