Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Branding/Packaging with Presidential Fits

Money & Music Show, clearly set the bar for what you can expect from "Cool V" & "Money Mike", it's not that they haven't done it before, but this week's show was on point. As you know, these two won't talk about it...so enjoy for yourself, and let us know what you think? Press play below & don't forget your notepads.


Cool V & Money Mike were joined by Founder & CEO Kwan from Presidential Fits, and if you listened to the show, you also heard how you can get your free Presidential Fits T-Shirt. Need we say more?

IS A HOT NEW CLOTHING BRAND out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Presidential Fits is a contemporary line of urban inspired menswear. Our philosophy is "Street Politics" because we recognize our government but we politic ourselves. Our constituents expect fashion forward collections that reflect their sense of style and their need to stay a cut above the rest. Since it is important to always look good at Presidential Fits, we take pride in creating quality garments that will remain timeless and relevant. This brand was created to introduce "must haves" for every wardrobe.
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The word "brand", when used as a noun, can refer to a company name, a product name, or a unique identifier such as a logo or trademark. In a time before fences were used in ranching to keep one's cattle separate from other people's cattle, ranch owners branded, or marked, their cattle so they could later identify their herd as their own. The concept of branding also developed through the practices of craftsmen who wanted to place a mark or identifier on their work without detracting from the beauty of the piece. These craftsmen used their initials, a symbol, or another unique mark to identify their work and they usually put these marks in a low visibility place on the product.

Not too long afterwards, high quality cattle and art became identifiable in consumers’ minds by particular symbols and marks. Consumers would actually seek out certain marks because they had associated those marks in their minds with tastier beef, higher quality pottery or furniture, sophisticated artwork, and overall better products. If the producer differentiated their product as superior in the mind of the consumer, then that producer's mark or brand came to represent superiority. Today's modern concept of branding grew out of the consumer packaged goods industry and the process of branding has come to include much, much more than just creating a way to identify a product or company. Branding today is used to create emotional attachment to products and companies. Branding efforts create a feeling of involvement, a sense of higher quality, and an aura of intangible qualities that surround the brand name, mark, or symbol.

So what exactly is the definition of "brand"? Let's cover some definitions first before we get too far into the branding process.

What is a brand?

If you ask ten marketing professionals or brand managers to define the word "brand", you very well may get ten different answers. Most of the answers you receive, hopefully, will at least have some commonalities.

In my own experience and in my extensive study of brands and branding, there is one definition of "brand" that seems to most succinctly define exactly what a brand is.

The definition of brand: A brand is an identifiable entity that makes specific promises of value.

In its simplest form, a brand is nothing more and nothing less than the promises of value you or your product make. These promises can be implied or explicitly stated, but none-the-less, value of some type is promised.

When Should I Start my Retirement Plan?

Money Mike was able to Relate tonight's topic & Presidential Fits discussion, to understanding when is the right time to begin establishing a Retirement Plan. As he mentioned, every individual, business, and family is in a different situation. Like tonight's discussion, Money Mike emphasized.

* Start Slow
* Focus on your Budget (How much can you save weekly/monthly)
* Sacrifice (Begin cutting back on goods/services you really don't need vs. putting those same funds spent into the Right Retirement Vehicle).
* Seek Expert Counsel, suggesting an Independent Registered Advisor that comes with years of experience and a reputation that you deserve.

These are some of the basics, there are MANY Retirement Vehicles out there, it's important that you work with a professional or do enough homework to learn what vehicle really is right for you.

Many of these vehicles have early surrender fees/charges, income tax liabilities, and various other consequences that could affect your overall plan. So take your time, but remember it is up to YOU. Our government is continuing to put future generations at risk of running out of social security funds, Corporations are putting more pressure on you to save for your own retirement with the pension systems almost extinct. So the Responsibility to save for your future, is solely upon you. Live today to the fullest, but Plan for Tomorrow as your way of life.

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