Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kiza Sosay Mixtape Now Available: "30 Minute Review"

"30 Minute Review"
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After the success of his last EP ‘BACK AT IT’ Kiza Sosay is testing the market yet again. With a new approach and his branded wordplay on his 30 Minute Music Review Tape, he is determined to conquer the Midwest region. Giving you a feel of his Midwest roots he mesmerize you with his lyrics in his own uncanny fashion, putting a twist on what some might call the new era of hip-hop. They say straddling the fence isn’t a good idea but in my opinion “The Midwest Mogul “is right where he belongs in the middle bring all genres together. Songs like Funky Cold Medina lets you know he is out to enjoy himself in and out the booth. Being mostly snippets for me to review I must admit I was a tad disappointed as I salivate to hear what the next verse could have brought. He teases you with a sample tracks ‘She Make Me feel All Right’ which shows that Kiza still has that piece of hip hop in him. With his undeniable hooks and you can see the potential this artist has to put a stamp on the industry as a whole. He has a way of catering to the women but still making sure leave his mark on his Mens N’ Dem. This music review was just that a review to see the new things he has to offer and what’s to come from Kiza Sosay we are truly looking forward to seeing this guy at his peak.

Keep a Serious Eye on Kiza Sosay
You can Expect some Heavy Radio/Club Airplay once our DJs catch the smoke of his FIRE!!!

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