Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Released Download: "The Most Under-Rated" Mixtape, Shire'

Money & Music Family continues hit homers, for all our love makers, R&B lovers, if you don't have any of these tracks in rotation, be warned get the ice because this is one mixtape, that will only make your summer that much HOTTER!!!
Shire' (SRC/Universal Motown Artist) is one of the industry's most under-rated, you be the judge. Money & Music in Partnership with,, & MultiSoul, first showcased in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil during the whole month of June 2010. Shire's voice & talent had Brazilians only asking how they too could get an autographed mixtape from Baltimore's daughter herself, Shire'. Money & Music & Shire' sure didn't disappoint, take a look for yourself., Brazil

We want to again Thank Shire' & CK
for showing Money & Music the support & love through the trials & tribulations on your rise to the TOP.



Shire' is one talent, that as the industry sleeps on, will continue produce hit after hit only making us wonder, what is her label waiting for? Until then fans like us, will enjoy...
"The Most Under-Rated"