Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Cost of Stupidity

It's time we go in on this one, it's the 800 Pound Gorilla that no one wants to step up, and address. This morning, we checked out a few blogs, got some news blasts in our emails, the normal day. So what do we find, the normal PROBLEMS of Stupidity, that continue to surface, yet NO Leader/Role Model is stepping up to the plate and addressing what we constantly see from the Music/Sports Industries...STUPIDITY!!!

Let's start off by reading, these two Headlines:

September 2, 2010

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- "Grammy-winning rapper T.I., who is still on probation after spending time behind bars on gun charges, was arrested along with his wife on drug charges after police smelled alleged marijuana coming from their car, authorities said.The Wednesday night arrests for possession of a controlled substance occurred in West Hollywood during a traffic stop, Los Angeles sheriff's deputy Mark Pope told The Associated Press.", Aug. 31st, 2010
DAVIE, Fla. (AP) -- Several Miami Dolphins crawled across the field after practice Tuesday -- not due to exhaustion, but because they were looking for a diamond earring.

Defensive end Kendall Langford said he forgot to take his earrings off before practice and lost one during drills. He said the diamond was nearly 2.5 carats, which is why he was still on the field an hour after practice scanning the grass.

How quickly you can rise in your profession and how quickly you can fall, but to allow STUPIDITY to continue to run ramped from these "so-called" role models, is simply unacceptable.

We are in very difficult times, did Kendall missed the conference/meetings that talk about the lifespan of an NFL athlete??? Or the average lifespan of an NFL athletes funds after leaving Pro Football??

Did TI, not have enough time in prison to figure it out, that second chances sometimes only come once? That many never get a second chance.

How about Paris Hilton? Lawrence Taylor?? Big Ben the QB from Pittsburgh???...the list goes on and on...oh...but no worries they got the MONEY$$$, they got the FAME, so who cares? What's Lawyer fees amongs fees, court fees, fines, jail time, ...time itself $$$ that's what!

Yet we wake up everyday, and see more and more bonehead decisions, but these are quote un-quote SUCCESSFUL/Famous athletes or entertainers, so it's okay, right? WRONG!

The reality is, Society/Media and most of all PARENTS/Role Models need to start waking up to the fact that, these decisions are UNACCEPTABLE, and should have been taught & learned at early ages in life, yet these are GROWN MEN/WOMEN continuing to think they are above the LAW or the FACTS of Life simply don't apply to their status.

As you know, we will not sit here and scold & beat a dead horse, but instead talk about what needs to be done.

Life is Not Easy, "Your destiny in Not Determined by the CHANCES You take, but instead the Choices you make."

So let's stop talking or seeing any importance in the Bling, the Blang, the Bang, and start talking about LIFE and the difficult journey ahead, and the positive ways to lead your life. It's time to turn our attentions & focus to those that are the Real Successful Ones...the Will Smith's, Mark Wahlberg's, Russell Simmons, BO Jackson, Jerry Rice's.. parents practicing & teaching right from wrong...list goes's time to turn back the clock on the Family Values, Financial Fundamentals, basics of life.


...cuz its....VERY EXPENSIVE!!! Ask Method Man, Lil Wayne, TI, Ben Roethlisburger, Lindsay...or better yet Kendall Langford with his earring...and it's 10 Years from now...

A lot of People talk & talk & talk about it...but it's time for our Role Models and us alike start doing something about it, by Turning Profit$$$ from Intelligence...

NOW THAT WOULD BE make it happen!!!

MTV, BET, CNN, FOX, VIACOM, TMZ...where ya at?

P.s. Shout out to Chad Ocho Cinco...we see you with them cubic zirconias, now that's FRESH! (Kendall missed that episode)! We hope the SMART money is doing what it's suppose too, Working for ya, Intelligently. If not, Money Mike is our go to resource. To all our Go-Getters never hesitate to use Money Mike as a financial resource or Cool V as your marketing guide.


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