Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's Talk about the Realities of the US Health Care System

Over the years, we continue to see Health Insurance Companies, Health Care Providers, Legislators, Drug Companies, media & their so-called pundits, and lawyers continue to lead us down a path of Confusion. Reality is: Are they doing this on purpose???

Why wouldn't they be, they've turned the term "health" into now what is known as a "commodity" here in the United States. A "commodity" that they all profit from. Starting at the University system another discussion for another day, where they too have turned the term "education" into a "commodity."

If Confusion is not what they want from us, what does 2700 pages (ObamaCare) really mean? Have you met anyone, that can actually explain what is ObamaCare? Or anyone who has actually read the 2700 pages? Like Speaker Pelosi said, "we have to pass the bill before we can understand it". WHAT??

The point is simple, as the CEOs of those of like AETNA, CIGNA, making 14+million a year, 18+ million year, check their 2010 Salaries if you don't believe, or ask your local doctor or specialist, surgeon how much they make a year? Or ask or check the Insurance Companies and how much are they making per year? Or ask the Universities how much they are making per year on their medical programs?

NO! The real question should be how much are you paying for Health Insurance, how much do you have to pay out of pocket, when your health insurance company says we won't pay for that service?

What's happened in America? Are we suppose to be confused so the more confused we are, the better it is, for these companies, doctors, and legislators to profit from our "health"?

They want us to believe how great the US Health Care System is, when in fact, its simply put "SAD". Sad that there is someone waiting for care right now that couldn't afford health insurance or needs to be destitute before receiving care, or a family waiting right now that has health insurance, that is first being asked "How will you pay for your care" or "Do you have Insurance, and what services do they cover"? To then be brushed aside and told your symptoms are normal, or here's some DRUGS...ahh...those FAMOUS Drug Companies...isn't there a Drug for Everything? At least there seems like a Drug Commercial for everything (why haven't these commercials been banned yet?).

Reality is in America, we are just a number to the system, try getting more than 5 minutes with your doctor, or your providers to explore further your symptoms when you tell them over and over.

There is a Great Opportunity here for young entrepreneurs and doctors/nurses, to change the system, to look at other countries and find out why these professionals go into the medical profession or industry, was it to make the ALMIGHTY $$$ or was it to truly help those in need.

Ask your doctors/nurses next time, because of their compassion for the patient, how many times they were able to push for further exams, or push for further evaluation, or further exploration of the symptoms over and beyond taking some drugs and all will go away or your symptoms are normal. Then ask that much do you make an hour verse the doctor?

Until we can make Health Care what it should be here in the UNITED STATES, a "Moral Obligation" and Not what they've turned into, a "Commodity" or "Profit 1st Business", we won't be able to actually see Change...ahh what a word, the Change we Deserve...not very funny to those suffering, and those in need this very minute, or those being told they have normal symptoms to later find out otherwise, or being told their insurance won't cover certain services, or your scared to find out because your not sure your insurance will pay or you have the means to pay...list goes on.

Howabout another government system, like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid all on the verge bankrupting us in the next twenty years, unless drastic measures are enacted immediately. Let's add another layer of government run system with ObamaCare, are you confused? Of course, you are suppose to be so those running the system can continue to take advantage of us & sadly to say our "health".

Our Health is our Wealth

but our Government & Big Companies & Medical Profession have instead made it their WEALTH, profiting off of our Health.

No need to complain, howabout some SOLUTIONS!!!

SOLUTION: Create NON-Profit Entities, Group of Medical Providers form entities that provide services through their network and group only, paid for by those participating (you) through the form of premiums. This is not a new Solution, Countries overseas in many cities already abide by such systems.

Difference: These Doctor Groups/Entities, aren't making the million dollar salaries that so many in the great United States are making, nor are the companies providing the Medicines, Technology, thus eliminating the need for Insurance Companies as your services are paid for by the dollars taken in from your premiums to the group, and these Groups/Entities will have no choice but to eliminate wasteful spending or unnecessary drugs or procedures.

Where there are problems, there are Opportunities but not at the expense of one's HEALTH.

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