Thursday, March 3, 2011

Financial Realites for our future

Money & Music for Life??? A movement that supports the realities of each and every one us.
We have so much to look forward too, yet have so many obstacles to overcome. In the music industry, sports, or small business alike, we are all faced with the very obstacles of finding what works. Many times through trial and error. This is where the power of knowledge, and the value becomes all that more imperative to success. In a day and age that is so focused on individuals realities that aren't our realities, we forget the real stories of those like the fictional character Patrick "Lights Out" Leary, or the realities of those stories right before our very eyes in Nicholas Cage, Charlie Sheen, Latrell Spreewell, Lindsay Lohan...list go on.
There is so much talent in this world, but a great teacher once said, it's not how much talent you have, it's what are going to do with it.

So Floyd Mayweather, maybe you will get that second chance to fight Manny, but it's not what your record is in the ring, it's what is your record outside the ring, in years to come you will understand if you don't already what that means. Like Michael Vick, no one should ever dream or think we could have the strength to go through what Mike has had to go through, but reality it is, he deserves every bit of struggle that is presented (the actions outside the football arena will always be remembered), and we welcome those to say otherwise.
So remember it's not how talented you are, it's what you do with your talent not in the first, 2nd, or 5th year, but for the LIFE and Legacy you leave behind, in & outside your profession.

Greatness is: when in passing, with the biggest smile & cleanest record, "Hey Buddy".
by the HeavyWeight Champion himself, George Foreman

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