Monday, July 27, 2009



Hey Good People!

It's your boy boyee "Cool V" 1st I'd like for all of you to Nominate me for "Internet Hustler" & "Impact Personality" of the Year For 2010 SEA's and "MONEY & MUSIC" * "TRUNK HUSTLERS" for "Industry Service Of The Year" because we do this for YOU! NO CHARGE all this comes from the heart! I have have been grinding in this business for well over a amazing "19+ years" (WOW) I seen them come and go!

My partner in crime Money Mike has been doing the same hustling for a minute so its only right that we get our due respect! It's crazy because there are others that charge a high price for what we offer for FREE! Why you ask? Because we both seen a lot mishaps in corporate America as we as in the entertainment industry. There have been a amazing amount of good people who got into bad situations due to bad decisions as a result of lack of knowledge that many take for granted.

So instead of overlooking, turning our heads or just complaining we decided to do something about it and "Money & Music" was born! Created with one goal in mind and that's to plant a "T.R.E.E" and that's to To Relate Educate & Entertain.

So show us love as we will continue to support the endeavors of our affiliates, readers and the uneducated public who needs our cause!

Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac

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