Monday, July 27, 2009

Money & Music Presents - Business Is "PERSONAL"

Hey Good People!

How many times have you heard the line "It's NOT personal it's just business!" only to find out you was getting the lube job for a potential screw shortly after! Well just like our affiliate "Hotep" author of award winning and best selling book "The Hustlers 10 Commandments" (Which we highly recommend reading if you haven't) Business is most definitely personal especially if your going into business with that particular individual. There must be a foundation of trust and common purpose for that business to truly thrive. Don't let anyone sell you or tell you otherwise.

First lets observe what doing business truly is:

Busi·ness - Pronounced (biz′nis)


1. one's work, occupation, or profession
2. a special task, duty, or function
3. rightful concern or responsibility no one's business but his own
4. a matter, affair, activity, etc. the business of packing for a trip
5. the buying and selling of commodities and services; commerce; trade
6. a commercial or industrial establishment; store, factory, etc.
7. the trade or patronage of customers

Now upon review there are some exceptions to this rule but NONE that refer to a ongoing personal relationship. (Hence the term business relationship!) It's your duty to research, know and trust who you do business with. Still don't believe me? Then ask yourself this question. How many jobs you know hire without a criminal background check? The chances are NONE and that's why business is personal otherwise would that information make a difference otherwise?

When choosing your partner you should evaluate their goals, purpose and motivation because if they have the wrong intentions I can guarantee your setting yourself for failure if you partner up with this individual.

Remember the movie 300 when he he said "choose your words wisely for they may be your last" the same applies here one wrong move can prove disastrous so when doing business make sure you and that potential partner or client is eye to eye and the rest will fall in place.

Ya Boy Boyee
"Cool V"
The Industry Insomniac!

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