Monday, December 7, 2009

First Impression, Do You have the Total Package?

Just when you thought Money & Music, was on the down low with a week off due to technical difficulties, "Cool V" & "Money Mike" proved yet again why this movement is here for a long, long time. A BIG Special Thanks to our special guest Donell Jones, here's someone who has been around for a long long time yet keeps, goo-goo gaga-gaga'in the ladies, while still keepin it real with the fellaz.

Donell is a VET who has been in the business for a long period of time and consistently drops the hits. He worked with a string of legends too many too name from Left Eye to Big Pun and wrote one of Ushers first hits this cats a beast! But Donell is mostly known for giving us men a voice at a time when women dominated and dictated the slow jam industry! Donell hoped on & discussed his upcoming project also some of the different avenues he went down and how he stayed relevant.

If you missed this week's Money & Music Show, it's another one you up & comer's sure don't want to miss when it comes to your package, value of record labels, and who's got NEXT?


This week, Donell was able to join "Cool V" & "Money Mike" on what proved to be another show that will help give insight to up & comers, start-ups, artists, models, DJ's...etc.. on the value of your Package and the basic business facts of dealing with Big Corporate. So get your read on or press the replay button, because it's time to stop talking about it, and be about it, YOUR BUSINESS!!!

Also "Eka Samone" joined us on the call, where she discussed the particulars of positioning yourself as a model. This Dominican beauty hopped on the call with a burst if energy and def had us rolling before she dropped science. You can follow her on www.twitter/ekasamone or check her blog at


1.) Fill a void (Place it in a place where their is less competion)
2.) Make it easy to read.(They have to know who, what, when and where!)
3.) Promote your product in a unique manner (Make sure YOU stand out!)
4.) Create relevance. (The Customer must feel an attachment)
5.) Use celebrity endorsement. (If someone they admire or trust you endorse you it
increases your chances for success)
6.) Make it accessible & easy to purchase.(The easier it is to find the easier it is
to GET!)
7.) K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Stupid!
8.) Don't talk over your consumers head try to Use language that connects with your
customers (KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER important that relate to your customer)
9.) This should be number 1# "Know Your Market" - This helps you position it better!
10.) Be consistent - It's a know fact that we relate to whats reinforced.

Do you have a Business Checking Account?

Most start-up businesses, once established a Tax I.d. for the Company, first thing they must do is set up a business checking account. Here are some important aspects to consider when choosing a bank.

First, you want to make sure you consider are you going to be dealing with this bank for many years to come. How stable is this bank? Are they a locally owned bank or credit union? You want to make sure your business is appreciated and your not considered just another number/customer. Look for a manager & discuss how you can build a "banking relationship" and will this bank work with you to establish a business loan or credit line? If you have a loan at a bank, the bank will often give you free checking for your business account, and make sure regardless, that the bank you choose provides free checking, as all start-up costs count towards the bottomline.

Does the bank have online banking? You should be able to see your account online to pay bills and or transfer money, and see account activity. Do not let someone else, handle this for you, it's your business, and it's most important you know every dollar coming in, and every dollar going out. This service will help your bookkeeping or your off-site accountant, when tax time comes.

In the future, you may hire employees or already have a few, so does the bank have a payroll service? If you anticipate only a few employees, you may be able to use the bank's payroll services to pay your employees and to do direct deposit of paychecks. You should set up a separate payroll checking account, but using the bank's payroll service will make things easier.

Today's technology changes everyday, so make sure the bank at least has credit/debit processing services?This is the bank's ability to serve as a gateway, allowing you to do credit and debit card processing services for customer payments. Most banks these days have this service, but it's a good idea to find out how much the services cost, so you can decide if you want to look elsewhere for these service.

Other services to consider when evaluating your bank:
No charges for checks, withdrawals and deposits
Free viewing and printing of cancelled checks and deposits
An interest-bearing account, even if the interest amount is small
No monthly service charges
Free online bill pay services
Free viewing and printing of cancelled checks and deposits
No charges for checks, withdrawals and deposits
ATM services without fees


As "Money" Mike always puts it, you are the customer and there are many banks or credit unions out there, make sure when establishing your account they understand this. There will be good time and tough times, you want to know your banker and team will always do what they can for you in the tough times, because everyone wants your business in the GOOD Times...

....till next week & remember "DO GOOD BUSINESS"


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