Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Opinions & Sources

Well this will be the last Money & Music post for 2009, what a great way to end one wild year. Thanks & Big shout out to our guests the crew of Heatmakerz "Crash", for ending the year but getting us ready for an exciting year to come.

We here at Money & Music, from "Cool V", "Money Mike", "Ane", & "E" want to say thank you for following, supporting, and most of helping in making a difference to all our 2009, special guests, callers, listeners, and supporters. Without you, we would not have been able to achieve the milestones set forth. THANK YOU!!!

We hope all of you, have found the movement to be one that in some way or another has touched your life or someone you know. Please know, we've only just begun the journey, as 2010 approches, be assured that our team, our plan, and movement is STRONG & your support only makes Money & Music stronger. Get READY!!! Let's make history Together.

MONEY & MUSIC SHOW - GET YOUR FINANCIAL TIPS RIGHT HERE! As you know if you missed last night's Show, No Worries, we got you, sit back, press play, enjoy the sounds & insight from The Heatmakerz, Rsonist, Ameer, Karty, Dox, & Chris Live.

Heatmakerz, Ameer "Gone til Novembuary", was one of this year's slept on Mixtape, those that want a taste, check it & Click the Song Below:

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& Sources

This week's topic focused on the value of Opinions and the Source. As we learned, that everyone can have an opinion, but how valuable is that opinion when considering the source. The value of an opinion can go a long way, however, it's the source that will determine the true value of that opinion.

As "Money Mike" stressed it's important to take an opinion with a grain of salt, yet appreciating the source. More importantly, when in receipt of a recommendation from an experienced professional, ask them to put it in writing, and keep it for your files. You never know, when the time may come when that recommendation can have impact on your life, career, or family. In business, we many times believe just because someone is a banker, attorney, accountant, or even your own doctor because they are a professional means they are right because that is what they do. For those that have tuned into past shows, you know that it always makes sense to get a second opinion, and if someone is not willing to put their recommendation in writing, well you can pretty much take that recommendation as nothing but an opinion maybe worth a grain of salt.

It is important to recognize in any profession, that we can always do better, achieve & accomplish more out of ourselves, and should seek opinions from all walks of life, only to give us a better outlook of how we are perceived or what we are sometimes missing. Let's take for instance culture, traveling is another way of evaluating things differently or from other peoples perspective. We look at fashion, music, food, all differently depending on our backgrounds and culture.

In business, there are certain fundamentals, however, those fundamentals can be applied differently depending on your particular industry. Most successful ones, usually are their biggest critics of themselves. So take other cultures, peoples, and professionals opinions consider the source, but find something whether good or bad to rethink or re-evaluate how you can improve yourself & or your business to get ahead faster than the next. Open your mind, listen to your heart, but most importantly don't be afraid to ASK and appreciate the answer, whether you agree or disagree, understand the Source and their intentions or angle. As a professional, be the best you can be, and understand that opinions are opinions but each person's opinion, you can find value in, some way or another, but it's the background and qualifications of the Source and their intentions that should matter most in your valuation process.

The Money & Music Family again wants to Wish Everyone a Safe & Healthy New Year, and like our boy Acafool says...don't get a DUWEEY (DUI)

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