Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shire', "All I Ever Think About" (Exclusive Leak)

Shire' (Exclusive)

Shire' (Sha-ray) recorded this song about year an a half ago that was produced by AllStar called "All I Ever Think About". Her label SRC/Universal Motown said they didn't hear it and didn't think that it was a hit. Since then another well known Def Jam Artist recorded the song and it is now her brand new single. Listen to Shire's version of this song...(click below). Wow!!! Yes, Shire' is Money & Music Fam, so you know we may be just a little bias, here, but REALLY??? We'll let our Go-Getters decide.
"Business is Always Personal".


Money & Music is Proud to say, we always got you, Shire'. Time to step up, and push the petal on them, so we can enjoy the smoke...

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