Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Entrepreneurship, with Founder of Twicketer.com

On such a Historic Day, the passing of Health Care Reform, "Like it or Not" only time will tell, but one thing we know you enjoyed this week's show, how could you not ??? That's Right!! After getting it straight, right on the Money & Music Show, from none other than the Industry vets "Money Mike" & "Cool V", better yet from an entrepreneur who's been grinding hard for the past 11 years to fullfill his dreams and be able to have the Freedoms of being his own man & Boss, now the Founder of the hottest new technology to hit the entertainment industry "TWICKETER" www.twicketer.com, A-Sun Truth. Also, joined by Intrinsic Entertainment's street team.

So if you missed it, but as always you know we wouldn't pass up this opportunity to make sure all our Go-Getters, got it straight. So sit back, relax, enjoy some hot new music, and learn some things that will help YOU, Getta-ahead...press below & then you'll know.


So there you have it. Money & Music, just got another stamp of approval. Big Thanks Again, to A-Sun for joining "Cool V" & "Money Mike", more importantly shedding light on the prize and what it takes to get there. As we stress, the journey is long, hard, scary at times, but most of ALL FUN. Have fun at what you are doing like A-Sun said, "Never Quit" so long as you put your "Plan" in place. So read back to past blog posts, if you have not yet designed your Business Plan, because that's where it all starts. Some of the greatest ideas, inventions, services today, all started from just a napkin or sheet of paper, most importantly your "business plan". Stay "Focused" put your "Goals" in writing, your "Action Plan" on how you will get there, and most of all "Do Your Homework". One of the statements we've always set forth, and we were most appreciative to hear again in a different way (Success breeds Success), but yet A-Sun put it in a different way, "Hang around those you admire & aspire to achieve like".

We were able to get first hand knowledge of this incredible technology Twicketer (for more information click on www.twicketer.com) and how A-Sun & Company look to change the way you can do business.

"Twicketer turns the average cellphone into a mobile box office or interactive coupon. Our goal is to democratize the ticketing process, and put the power where it belongs - in your hands. So for the next few weeks, Twicketer will only distribute free promotional tickets. All you have to do to create a free event on Twicketer, is to set the price point for your mobile tickets to $0.00 (Zero Dollars, and zero cents).", A-Sun Truth, Founder.

We of course, Heard it First ONLY!!! Here, on.......... Augmented Reality from Twicketer, and the ability to point your cell phone anywhere in the world, and know exactly where the hottest party is waiting for you, no matter where you are....Stay tuned...to the many new surprises coming from Twicketer.

Build Good Business Credit

"Money Mike", ended this week's session by dropping some heavy, on the importance early in your business, to begin building Good Business Credit. He emphasized separating your Personal Credit from your Business Credit. To first establish a Personal Checking Account, followed up by a Business Checking Account. For all our Go-Getters, if you missed the Paper Trail segment, it's catch up time, so please go back and re-read the importance of the Paper Trail. This basic strategy "Money Mike" focused on, was to simply begin as "Cool V" aways says "You can't take a withdrawal, if you don't make a deposit".

This is a basic concept, that will now allow you when you are first approved for a credit card, to use it Wisely. To instead, use it only for Business Expenses. Though, before enabling yourself to use, you must first transfer/deposit the amount you plan to use for your business purchase, into your Business Checking account. Once you know the money is in the account, you can go ahead and make that Business Purchase with your Credit Card. Remind you, at the end of the month when that credit card bill comes due, you already made the deposit & the payment is ready to be made immediately!!! from your Business Checking account...ahhhh!! we love a good K I S S (Keep it Simple SmartA$$).

You know the old saying, "you can kill two birds with one stone"? Well our homie just went in, and proved you don't need to kill anything, but by being smart, you can set those birds (your business) FREE, to whatever your dreams desire, with smart planning...think about what you can accomplish by doing this...if you don't know, try it & shoot us an email a year or two from now & let us know the results...till next week...

Press at Your Own Enjoyment

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