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Business & Presentation Skills, Image is Everything!!

Wow, you would think on the first night of Monday Night Football, what could be better, well if you missed it, this is one Show you don't want to miss, so make sure you push the Play button and Rewind, and learn from some of the industry's heaviest hitters. A big thank you to our special guests, Big Ken from Rapstarz Promotions, B.A.M, Hakim Green, Agallah, and Big Wade.
So if you missed the Money & Music Segment, as always WE GOT YOU!! Click "HERE" & learn from something from these seasoned vets.

This week's topic focused on "Image" and the fact that presentation at all times must be recognized, no matter at the corner bodega, elevator, board room, or in the studio. Michael Jordan was one of the masters of recognizing every situation is an opportunity, from his press conferences, practice sessions, or just playing golf. He made sure when the camera was on, so too was his A game, recognized as one of the all time greatest basketball players, he too was a Marketing Dream Come True, and he sure knew it. Michael always understood that being in the public eye came with responsibility, but more importantly the opportunities that could follow with Endorsements and business opportunities alike.

Unfortunately, we have seen just in the last week some very talented people become a Marketers worst nightmare, from Serena Williams to Kanye West, so this week's segment instead focuses on being the best for the long haul, you must be the best on and off the field, studio, office, or your place of business.

Business & Presentation Skills, should be a way of life for all entrepreneurs, realizing at every moment you never know who you may run into at any given time. "Money" Mike gave a very simple but yet overlooked tip, that every professional should write down and memorize. When someone asks you the question what do you do? The typical response is, I am a rapper, promoter, attorney, adviser, etc..etc...But when someone asks you the same question, what if they don't like Rap or Attorneys or Real Estate agents...or whatever your particular profession involves. How far do you think the conversation will go?

So instead, write down a two line "elevator script" on what you really do and memorize it, so the next time someone asks you what do you do? Your response may look like this, " I am an artist that expresses my experiences through my music" or "I help artists and musicians market themselves and their music in a way that people will want to hear more" or " I help people protect themselves and their loved ones so they won't have to struggle". Now of course these are just generic examples, you have to design one that really says what you feel you do. The point to this "elevator script" is to engage people to want to know more about what you do and wanting to learn more about YOU, without letting the typical stereotype get in the way. This simple tip may lead you to a possible five minute discussion, a meeting, or better yet your next future deal.

Business & Presentation Skills

The material of your presentation should be concise, to the point and tell an interesting story. In addition to the obvious things like content and visual aids, the following are just as important as the audience will be subconsciously taking them in:
Know your Audience- If you are going to be meeting with kids in first grade do you want to act like your going to the boardroom? Take this same scenario and flip it, do you want to walk into a board room with professionals and act like a First Grader?

Your voice - how you say it is as important as what you say.

Body language - a subject in its own right and something about which much has been written and said. In essence, your body movements express what your attitudes and thoughts really are. You might like to check out this web page

Appearance - first impressions influence the audience's attitudes to you. Dress appropriately for the occasion. Understand that demeanor and confidence can go a long way, while making sure you recognize the moment/opportunity. Eye contact, posture, are important, but most IMPORTANT, BE ON TIME!!! "Fashionably Early" is IN & as the good ole saying goes, "The Early Bird always gets the worm".

- Come prepared, bring pen and notepad, do your homework & know your audience (know their background, know who they are, what they do, what their accomplishments are, GOOGLE THEM). Prepare the structure of the talk carefully and logically, just as you would for a written report. Practice beforehand what you want to say and how you want to say it. Record yourself or watch yourself in the mirror. Remember Perfect Practice, makes Perfect.

What are: the objectives of the presentation or meeting & the main points you want to make?

Finally ... Enjoy yourself! The audience will be on your side and want to hear what you have to say! just Be YOU!!! People want to know you, what makes you different, what makes you special, and why would anyone want to do business with YOU.

Remember, to always ask questions, your lasting impression is your OPPORTUNITY. So take interest, listen, and NEVER NEVER ASSUME!!! Never pre-judge a book by it's cover, if you don't know someone, you don't KNOW them, so DON'T ASSUME because of their look, talk, accomplishments, that you KNOW. You NEVER know someone until you know them, so get to know People from all walks of life, it's how you can learn too, how NOT to make the same mistakes they made. Success breeds Success, so build your successes using the wisdom, tools, and the people, life presents you with, allowing you to reach your Goals and Dreams faster & wiser.

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