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The Value of your Support System & Savings

Money Mike & Cool V, enjoyed this week's Money & Music Segment because the majority of the session was blessed by the trials and tribulations of Two Hott!! New Artists, Wordsmith & Acafool. Talk about serious industry artist insight, these to pro's just hit a home run for all you up & comers that need to hear it first before you Jump In & Swim or sink. So with that said, let's let these two artists break it down for you so you'll be free-styling to the finish line, like Michael
Phelps golds in hand.

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MONEY & MUSIC SHOW - GET YOUR FINANCIAL TIPS RIGHT HERE! & open ears listen in closely and take serious notes.

Now if you don't believe us!!!

We Appreciate YA!!! ACAFOOL, keep on acting like you do, cuz sho no FOOL!!!

So Check out his new video right now, "Let's RIDE"

What a night, WORDSMITH along with Acafool came in and dropped some heavy so we gotta reciprocate and give you a little sumtin sumtin as he climbed up the charts and gave us some true hip hop, with some "True Old School to the New School", "it's for ya car" enjoy!!!

Now if you want more MUSIC from these PhotobucketYou'll have to Google them or visit their websites, download their music, enjoy their video's but most of all listen to their wise words of wisdom heard here first on this week's Money & Music Show.


The Value of Your Support System

This week's focus was to make sure we recognize the value of those you surround yourself with and the importance of your Support System. Wordsmith was able to touch upon knowing everyone's role and the strengths and weaknesses on your team. The importance of recognizing that you as a business owner, artist, or independent contractor are the "Brand" and that means that you are also the CEO, BOSS, President, or BMOC for that matter. So all decisions you make need to be evaluated from the standpoint will they influence and better yourself to getting ahead at what you do. That will mean making sure all those on the team represent and provide value to bettering the team.

All too often, we see one rises to the top very quickly being led in different directions, yet forgetting how they got there. When you as the Boss are now being told how to act, what to do, where to go, what's right and wrong for you, should you take a step back and ask yourself is that what I really want? This is where being in control and taking advantage of the various talents of our support system is so influential to success. A word that comes up but yet many times all too often forgotten is that of being "humble". We use to call it "keepin it real", never selling ourselves out to the almighty dollar or fame. Realize that as quickly as you go up, is as quickly as you can come down. So take it upon yourself and educate yourself on the business your in, don't rush to make decisions, ask questions???ask those with experience???and successes???ask the same from your team???

We all need support, and when they say there is no "i" in "we" what the are saying is, with every success story there was a support system to follow from family, mentors, teachers, industry experts, and most of all specialized talents on your team. It is impossible to be an expert on all things, we say the ones who know everything, don't know anything. Imagine having a team of all Michael Jordan's vs. the team of Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson (for those that don't know Oscar, pheww!!!....,Old to the New School,okay will say Lebron James/Kobe flip a coin). The point is which team will win? Imagine having the greatest players on your team, in their particular specialized roles. Even though you may do one thing great and you are a special talent, understand your role on the team and take advantage of the roles of your Support System have the strongest marketing team, accountants, attorneys, financial advisor...etc..etc...

"TRUST" is always the hardest thing to find in people. This is something that will take time to build through trials and tribulations. You are the boss & you control your destiny, so make sure with every decision made you evaluate those decisions from every angle you can. So learn your profession and study up, and most importantly evaluate your Support System each and every one of them, study their expertise & learn from them, but make sure you can feel it in your gut, look in their eyes, look to past experiences, and see if your Support System really "Cares" about "You" and your success. Remember your success is their success and their successes can be your successes, so stay humble and keep it real with your team and those in your everyday passing.

Remember, Success Breeds Success, you are Guilty By Association. Like our boy Acafool says' "YEEEAHHH....Keep your Hatablockas ON!!" now it's time to Get ya Savings ON!!!



Now You know "Money" Mike ya Financial Partna always on your side, only drops the heavy and in this week's discussion he wrapped up a few tips in little time, but instead said he'd pass along some tips via blog, right here!! that we all can benefit from. So this is what he sent us, in a 1,2,3,4

Emergency Reserves: Before you start investing in your business or your retirement plan, take care of the basics, make sure you establish 3-6 months of Salary in a Savings account with a local banking instituition, credit union, or with your advisors brokerage instituition with a Money Market Account or Fund. They recommend to make sure for that rainy day, furnace breakdown, car breakdown, unforeseen circumstances in life you have available before anything else LIQUID Cash Reserves of 15-20% of your Income or 3-6 Months. THAT GOES FOR ANYONE READING!!!

Saving Accounts can be:
1. Savings Account with a Local Bank, Commercial Bank, Credit Union, Savings and Loans Association, or Brokerage Company
2. Look for Accounts with NO PENALTIES for withdrawals anytime
3. Shop for Accounts with the Highest Interest rate & ask if there is a
Term or a necessary Time Frame the money has to sit there, BE
CAREFUL on FEES & Early Withdrawal Charges, ie... CDS
4. Ask are they Safe, who Insures or Guarantees your Money?
Remember FDIC insures up to 250k per account, so DON'T!!! have
more than one account with a bank of over 250k, be sure to set up
another account if for whatever reason you decide to have this much money in any one bank.
5. Will your money be accessible online, ATM, or only during bank
hours, you ALWAYS want make sure you know where & how you
can get your money at all times.

So now you got your p's & q's on what to look for with your Savings, if that isn't enough go to this SAVINGS BASICS site:

As always you know how we do be sure to tune next week & stay ahead of the competition & Remember Hustlers get ya M&M Shirt before them Haterz Do!!! Click & GET IT right here...top right corner, why wait?

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