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Visibility is key to Success? Rent or Own?

Well if you were enjoying your Labor Day with family and friends, we understand completely, always know family comes first. However, for those that missed the Money & Music Show, this week's segment continues to prove why Money & Music will be around for long time coming.

First we want to start off by thanking our special guest, a young humble, hard working, banging new artist, STEVIE STONE!!! This "New Kid Comin" is about to make serious moves on the scene, and it's been a long haul for him as he explains, if you missed the:

Money & Music Segment, as always WE GOT YOU!! Click "HERE"
& learn something on how to step your game up.

Stevie was able to shed light on what has gotten him to the point he's at in his career, and provide advice to those coming up the things you have to do and how patient you must be. Like he says, in his first Single, 7 years!!! If you don't know who Stevie Stone is yet, you are about to learn ya sumtin real quick, because his music is a sure "HeadRocka".

Stevie Stone - "Wait A Minute" Official Music Video

Check him out in a city near you as he joins forces on the K.O.D. Tour starting in October visiting 45 cities, with the likes of Tech N9ne, Glasses Malone, & Slaughter House.

For more information & tour dates, visit his official : www.myspace.com/1steviestone

Here a few songs coming out on his soon to be released album in October 2009, enjoy!!! DJ's, CLUBS, be the first...

"Wait a Minute": http://www.zshare.net/audio/6422540465d6c8d5/
"HeadRocka ": http://www.zshare.net/audio/652552987a855057/
& one of our favorites, but we are only allowed to give ya snippet, you'll have to Buy the Album, Stevie Stone & Tech N9ne:
"Midwest Explosion": http://www.zshare.net/audio/65255287565e029c/

Cool V & Stevie, laid down some heavy knowledge for all you up & comers out there. In any business, it's not easy, and it's the sacrifices you need to make to get ahead, as Stevie put it & all successful athletes understand this, your "Footwork" will determine how far you succeed. When people talk about being on the grind, what do they really mean? What they are saying is it's how much effort and work are you putting in everyday, every hour, every minute, to getting ahead, and what are you doing differently than the next.

One of the most important topics Cool V stressed to being successful, is VISIBILITY. Are you visible in what you do???

There were seven points touched upon on making sure you are Visible.

1. Launch an event – An event can be as small as a dinner party or as large as a banquet. Events create publicity and give the news a reason to mention your business.

2. Business gifts – Business gifts are a constant reminder to people long after a campaign has ended or an event has been held. Give out useful items as small as pencils and pens, mouse pads or coffee mugs. This will allow your company’s name to be seen all the time – by the person who received the gift and others around them.

3. Charities – Even if you do not hold or launch a charity event, it is enough to just be involved. Donate money or be involved in collecting donations. This will help increase visibility in your community as well as show the community that you care.

4. Get online – Online is a great place to increase visibility. Community visibility is important, but being online can help build your consumer base beyond your hometown. Create a webpage that is very informative to your customers. Get your business name into every forum and blog that applies to your business. Create your own blog if you have the time. If you write articles about your service or product, post these on your website and allow other websites to use them. All these things will make it more viable for potential consumers to come across your business name through a web search.

5. Newsletter – Send out an online newsletter to your customers. If you give customers something to talk about, they may relay the information you are giving them to friends. So, in a networking fashion, your name can be spread and become better known to the community.

6. Local newspapers – What better place to receive visibility in your community than your local newspapers. You can get your company name into a newspaper buy writing an article, being mentioned in a story, or writing a letter to the editor.

7. Give speeches – You’d be surprised how many other businesses, organizations and clubs need people of expertise to share information. This establishes your expertise and credibility while at the same time promotes your own business. Research clubs, groups, the local chamber of commerce and organizations often look for speakers with expertise in interesting and informative topics.


Now that you got the keys to getting out there and making yourself VISIBLE, it's important that you understand that with fame and fortune, there is always a price to pay. Unfortunately, over the years we have seen so many make the wrong Financial Decisions along the way, and it's where "Money" Mike continues to drop serious financial information to make sure you too don't make the same mistakes others have made. This week's Financial Topic focused on giving you the keys to Rent vs. Own. And the many misconceptions we have been taught over the years about owning a home, and what it really means. Sadly to say, those misconceptions, lack of education, information, and understanding has put this entire country in very difficult times as discussed or seen in every neighborhood in the US.

We were told that owning a home was the "American Dream", it was a sense of PRIDE and Statue. Over the last decade, banks and government made it easy for people to buy homes, they even encouraged us to go out and become a FIRST TIME home buyer. They can sit in their meaningless sessions on Capital Hill, pointing fingers at each other, but go back to the tapes and legislation passed to make sure people who couldn't afford a home, would have the financing available to buy home.

This discussion is and can be a long one, but instead we chose to provide you with a 9 minute Excellent Video on understanding the Basics to Renting vs. Owning.

Now look around us, look at all the 15 million foreclosures and families now struggling to carry those (Criminal-like Mortgages/Loans) while no one is hanging the politicians or banks for allowing these type of loans.

ARM (An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is a mortgage loan where the interest rate on the note is periodically adjusted based on a variety of indices.[1] Among the most common indices are the rates on 1-year constant-maturity Treasury (CMT) securities, the Cost of Funds Index (COFI), and the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR). A few lenders use their own cost of funds as an index, rather than using other indices. This is done to ensure a steady margin for the lender, whose own cost of funding will usually be related to the index. Consequently, payments made by the borrower may change over time with the changing interest rate (alternatively, the term of the loan may change). This is not to be confused with the graduated payment mortgage, which offers changing payment amounts but a fixed interest rate. Other forms of mortgage loan include the interest only mortgage, the fixed rate mortgage, the negative amortization mortgage, and the balloon payment mortgage. Adjustable rates transfer part of the interest rate risk from the lender to the borrower. They can be used where unpredictable interest rates make fixed rate loans difficult to obtain. The borrower benefits if the interest rate falls and loses out if interest rates rise).

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These ARM's and Interest Only loans are the type of mortgages that you can get sometimes with NO MONEY down or the too good to be true mortgages/loans, that you will see in 1-5 years be adjusted to interest rates or increased minimum payments. Imagine, losing your job, missing a few payments due to hardship & the economy, medical problems, list goes on...well those same Banks didn't care and as Housing Prices Collapsed, did your loan? NO instead you were subject to a different Payment sometimes double than what you originally anticipated. So as Wall Street and Banks are bailed out by our tax dollars from Government officials, those that have fell to hardship & the economy and encouraged to take on loans or mortgages to achieve the "American Dream" and are now unable to afford for that loan/mortgage, have they been BAILED OUT???

So if you learned anything from today's discussion, DO NOT Blame Government for your problems, and sure don't expect Government to solve your problems. Instead EDUCATE yourself and understand every one's situation is different, and before taking on such a huge investment, know your situation, know the facts, and seek financial counsel about your situation short and long term. So that when you buy your first home, you will be able to enjoy (The Real American Dream)!!"NO STRESS"!! for many years to come.

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