Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MLK Day Tribute Show & FIRST Heard Music News!!!






(After 20 years of djaying,rappin', producing for a who's who of California royalty including the late Tupac Shakur and being one of the first of the elite team of West coast producers in 1993 to be working with Russell Simmons at Def Jam/West Records. Assassin has not only established himself as a respected music producer, and DJ, he is the DJ for Celebritys & Multi-Platinum Artist Rob Base , Rappin4Tay & Drew Sidora from the legendary label Slip N Slide Records,Check Game though, He can also rock the microphone with the best of them.Dj King Assassin has released over 40 retail albums & mixtapes . With distribution deals with three Major Labels EMI,UNIVERSAL,KOCH Assassin Has new upcoming releases that feature Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Mistah F.A.B, South Central Cartel , Ice-T , Ja-Rule ,Turf Talk, Digital Underground’s Shock G , Money B ,Wyclef Jean, Akon & Rampage just to name a few. With new Hit singles featuring Big Snoop Dogg , Rappin4Tay - Getting early radio spins, this project is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated projects in 2010 released by Dj King Assassin- Turntable Credits range from scratching on the Legendary Eazy E's album to working with Ryhthm D in Echo Sound to Thuglife Members Big Syke and Mopreme Shakur.Dj King Teams Up With Wyclef Jean In 2010 to present How The West Was Won E.P . The King helps out with todays generation in organizing programs for the youth of today at community centers around the world and going to high schools to learn the industry is what Dj King Assassin is known for by giving knowledge of the music game from distribution to publishing. He has contributed to the Berkeley University that teaches knowledge on HipHop and the life of Tupac Shakur numerous knowledge and free content for college students attending U.C Berkeley. Numerous stations he contributes also include Standford University and over 200 stations on-line, local colleges with fm public frequency's including teaming up with 98.2 The Beat In Los Angeles which is broadcasted Worldwide.Dj King Assassin is a positive motivated speaker that can teach the youth and today's generation an experienced career and helpful knowledge to generate financial freedom in today's entertainment . Dj King Assassin has also just joined forces with his Syndicated Network Radio Show and merged with Slip N Slide records the elite dj coalition which is the biggest dj force in the world.)

Wow!!! What a show, what a night...so let's first start off by thanking none of other than the DJ King Assassin coming off his Happy Belated Birthday, for joining "Cool V" & "Money Mike", on what turned out to be a show that will forever be remembered in History. That's right, DJ King Assassin honored Money & Music by first ever introducing and leaking out that he and ICE T Produced an album to be dropping this year in 2010, "The Godfather of Gangsta Rap", so call MTV, BET, TMZ, and all your local reporters, to let them know where you heard it FIRST!!! ONLY on the MONEY & MUSIC SHOW, so if you missed this, there's much much more...DJ's, Young Artists and Old, this is one show you want to sit back, get your pens & pads, press play, rewind, and play again, and learn from 50+ years of Experience Combined.


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This week our Topic was "Insurance", however, if you've taken the time to listen, you will know why, we are going to hold off, take a deep breath, and follow-up next week, with more information on Insurance. We feel this was one heavy show, that has so much to take in and digest, so we decided to instead go ahead & give some Heat to enjoy, now that class is over. Also, to give all our new followers, supporters, & Go-Getters time to catch up on past blog posts, as "Dj King Assassin" said well, "Knowledge is Power".

Now that you've heard it FIRST, we also wanted to GIVE IT TO YOU 1ST!!! That's right, it's 2010 the year of the Go-Getter, and we wouldn't be Money if we didn't give you that MUSIC, while it's FRESH...

DJ King Assassin provided us "Exclusive" Tracks off their New Album, Wyclef Toussaint St. Jean.

"How the West Was Won" by Wyclef & DJ King Assassin:

Listen/Download Here

DJ King Assassin Presents: "Weed for Sale" Listen/Download Here

As Promised & Now Delivered


So there you have it, what more needs to be said? stay tuned we have much more coming this week...thanks again King Assassin we look forward to seeing you on 982 the Beat & our many future endeavors.

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