Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Official Money & Music Show and 98.2 the Beat

It's Official, You know who just gave the "WHISTLE" that's Right, The Money & Music Show Welcomes 98.2 The Beat & their Team to a New Time, New Listeners, New Go-Getters!!! 2010.

We want to THANK ALL those that made this happen without YOU & your support for this serious movement, we could never have gotten to this point. Yet, it's just the beginning. You see it was because YOU CARE, and like our Fam "DJ King Assassin" said it so well "REAL G's do REAL THANGZ", Let's Make History Together...while them HATERZ TALK, HUSTLERS WALK.

Coming off of this week's 100th Post, on MLK DAY, King Assassin's Bday, Atiba's WEDDING DAY, Stevie Stone's "Kick it Off" (FLAMENGO Tribute) CLICK TO WATCH, Ice T & DJ King Assassin's Exclusive Leak "The GODFATHER of Gangsta Rap" CLICK TO DOWNLOAD & Wyclef "How the West Was Won" Click to Listen, & on Wordsmith's Birthday...we just couldn't stop the FUN we are we thought We'd Hook You UP FIRST...cuz this Week isn't OVER...stay tuned...see You SAME DAY Money & Music MONDAYS at a NEW TIME, "MONEY & MUSIC SHOW" 10pm East Coast, Prime Time 7pm West Coast 8pm Mtn 9pm Central...We see you Brasileiros... DJ ROW G dropped their new station also & the Many Go-Getters WORLDWIDE...and if we left you OUT, it's ALL LOVE you know where you are in hearts which matters most, we will see you soon...

Wordsmith in his US single "Hook Up Hotline" Produced by Strada, off his debut album "Vintage Experience" dropping in March 30th, 2010.

Don't forget to get your free copy of Wordsmith's next mixtape "Vintage Vault" on February 23rd, 2010 Hosted by DJ Ames

WE WERE FORTUNATE TO BE BEHIND THE SCENES ON THIS ONE, but WORD TO THE TRUE HIP HOP FAN, March 30th Can't Come Soon Enough for HIP HOP...we'll finish This Post like we started it...NOW IT's OFFICIAL CHECK IT!!! get'em WORDSMITH

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