Monday, January 25, 2010

"Respect My Hustle"

Hotep has been recognized by Congress and has won numerous awards for his revolutionary work. Additionally, he has been featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Washington Post, The Atlanta Voice, XXL, Grip Magazine, The Progress Report, The Champion, RollingOut Magazine, GoodNews Magazine, PBS, Comcast Cable and many other print, TV and Radio stations.

Do you know Hotep?
If you're in the Music Industry, you may remember Hotep as the rapper who in 2002, shot the largest scale independent music video completely on HD; Hotep became the first artist to release a CD and DVD in the same package. He is co-owner of the world-renowned Producer's Swapmeet in Atlanta, GA.

If you're in the Film Industry, you may remember Hotep as the filmmaker who had a theatrical release of his first documentary (featured on the Hustler's Guide DVD) in November 2005 and how it beat Harry Potter 4 at the local Atlanta box office.

If you're in the Literary Industry, you might know Hotep as the publisher/ author who penned the entrepreneur's Bible, The Hustler's 10 Commandments. Then in 2007, revolutionized the concept of MSI and wrote the working entrepreneur's manifesto, Hustle While You Work.

Entrepreneurs know Hotep as CEO of Skinnymen Productions and President of HustleUniversity.Org our nation's first-ever virtual college for progressive, independent-minded entrepreneurs.

However you know Hotep, it is important you are aware that he has built an entirely independent multi-media edutainment empire totally from scratch! Known as The One Man Brand, he calls his teaching of this empowered mind state, spreading "The Hustler's Gospel", which happens to be the title of the 3rd book in his trilogy.

Looks like those technical kinks are getting worked out, as we get Ready to Pop it off with and FM JAMS in the next couple of weeks , NEW TIME, NEW SYNDICATES, 10pm Eastern, 7pm on the West Coast. So how could we not pop it off with none other than our Guest, "Hotep", who dropped some serious Nuggets for our Go-Getters. So Big Thanks to "Hotep", and our Callers/listeners aka "Go-Getters" for joining us on another Heavy Money & Music Monday. If you missed this one...we say it, but only our Go-Getters, "GET IT", the Time is NOW, sit back, press play, get your notepads/pens as NYC KEN said...& enjoy...



This week "Money Mike" & "Cool V" went ahead and went in on a very serious Show, by following up the Year of the Go-Getter with a Show that went ahead and stessed the importance of your "FOUNDATION" so "Build & Respect it". "Cool V" went ahead and hit the nail on the head, this was one show you could pay hundreds to join in on at a Workshop, Conference, or Seminar. So parlaying off of last week's show, if you Respect your Hustle, then you understand how Quickly it can be taken away from you, and the value & importance or should we say MUST!! it is to implement INSURANCE as a Fixed Expense into your Practice to protect your livelihood, family, and future.

Too often, entrepreneurs aren’t convinced that business insurance is a justified expense in the early days of operating a business. There’s some types of insurance that we can probably go without unless it’s provided by an employer, like vision insurance or dental insurance, but there are some types of insurance that are critical. Unfortunately, many small business owners learn the hard way just how important getting and maintaining proper insurance coverage really is. Anyone who has ever experienced the need to file a business insurance claim will gladly inform you that paying your insurance premiums is one the most important investments you can make in your company.

You might even find yourself being targeted for theft for the very fact that your company is brand new. Thieves might even find the idea of robbing a new business to be more appealing than breaking in to one that is already established. After all, brand new computers and furniture will bring a higher price when pawned or sold to waiting buyers. It’s important to protect the building in which your business is housed, assuming you own it, as well as the contents of the structure.

No matter what period of time you have been in business, there is always a possibility that you can experience a problem that requires proper insurance coverage. Fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can impact brand new businesses just as easily as they can affect established operations. If you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters, you may want to add business interruption coverage to your insurance plan, so that you won’t experience a loss of cash flow during the days that your business has to be closed following a weather crisis or other disaster.

Burglaries and natural disasters aren’t the only occurrences that small business owners need to protect themselves against. It’s also important to make sure that your company has proper levels of liability coverage. Depending on the type and size of your business, you may need liability insurance against product defects. If you or your employees operate a vehicle while representing your company, you probably need automobile liability coverage. If customers visit your place of business, you need a liability policy in place to cover you in case they get injured on your property.

The need for business insurance doesn’t even stop there. We live in a very litigious society, and business owners have to protect themselves against all types of lawsuits. In many cases, businesses need professional liability policies, malpractice insurance, and business practices coverage. Without the proper coverage, your business could be just one mistake or accusation away from facing financial ruin. That’s why all small business owners have to realize just how important business insurance really is, and take steps to get the coverage they need to protect their companies for the future.

And last of not least, do not go without individual medical insurance. If you get sick and can’t run your business, make sure there’s money to get you well again.
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Now, you see the GREEN Button, DON'T PRESS IT!!! It's like the Bat Mobile, you don't know where it will take you.

So as our Theme Song Goes, "Don't Mess with My Money, Don't Mess with My Music", so Seek Proper Counsel, Insurance is NOT FOR EVERYONE, however, speak to an expert, not just an insurance agent, to guide you but someone who Works for You, with the proper licensing, experience, background, and most of all expertise to what your needs are.


Serious Inquiries ONLY!!!


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