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"Opportunities" with Trillogy

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So did we go in or did we go in on this week's Money & Music Show? This is the year of 2010, Money & Music is ready to make the splash with the rest of the family, Go-Getters??? Big Shout out & Special Thanks to Starr Media Group's Trillogy, JayWill, Kira, OxPro, Dre Dinero, & Ronnie Knottz for joining us & Kicking Off 2010 with one Heavy Show. So for all of you that weren't able to make it, sit back press play, enjoy, these up&comers, and the insight "Cool V" & "Money Mike" were sure to drop with this week's topic focusing on "Opportunities".



"Opportunities" are presented to us on an everyday basis, the real question is, Are you taking advantage of them? We must always remember without RISK there is NO REWARD. The typical excuses of not having enough time to implement it, or fear of failure, or your belief wasn't "good enough" or "big enough" to succeed with an opportunity.

And you are given "Opportunities" ALL THE TIME! It is the Universe's way of guiding you on a daily basis, literally pulling you by the hand and pointing you in the direction that will help you accomplish your dreams, but the question is... are you listening? Are you going to do something about it? If you're not where you want to be financially in your business, one of the major reasons is your non-action. If you're still at the same place you were before, it's because you're unwilling to take advantage of the opportunity that is right in front of you, and has been for a long time.
"To get different results, you need to do things differently". To get to the level you want to achieve in your career, you must be willing to DO what you haven't done before, to be willing to take calculated risks. You may fall down over and over, so long as you are getting back up and learning from yours or others mistakes, nothing and no one can keep you down.
If you are not where you want it to be, then you don't "know" it yet, you've just heard of it. In fact, you don't "know" anything until you live it, breathe it and take action on it day in and day out.

Points to remember

Be smart with those that are close to you, just because they are family or friend, doesn't mean they have your best interest or actually the knowledge/experience to guide you in the right direction.

Always do your homework and research on any opportunity given, the good ole' saying "If it sounds to good to be true, it normally is" This is not always the case, but the point is don't jump into things without having done your research about the people involved, the opportunity itself and the background and history of those that will be apart of your PLAN. (Can we SAY, PLAN) Most importantly, what is the PLAN? Is it in WRITING? Ideas are great, talk is just that, show me in WRITING how you will get from point A to Z.

Patience is virtue. When an opportunity presents itself, it should take time to develop. Ever hear someone tell you "If you don't do this today, it will be gone tomorrow"? The fact is, if it truly is gone tomorrow and you have not done your necessary evaluation to determine if that opportunity was right for you or not, good chances are it was not the opportunity for you. So take your time when making decisions, ask the what ifs, ask the hard questions, and always know Good Opportunities take time to develop.


Most importantly, ALWAYS FOLLOW UP. You never know when "Opportunity" comes knocking, whether it be someone reaching out with a phone call, email, voicemail...etc..etc... No matter how successful you are or not, you never know when "Opportunity" may pass you by. Have you ever met someone really successful in life, someone really successful at what they do, and has been for many many years...ever notice how humble and willing they are to talk to you? Ask yourself why do you think that is? Or have you ever talked to someone that you perceive as successful, yet didn't give you the time of day? Ask yourself which one do you want to be, and which one do you think was truly the successful one in life? Success is not determined by what car, house, jewelry you have, success is determined by your Whole Life as a PERSON, and those you helped along the way. So do you really think the most successful people in life FORGOT to return that phone call, email, v/m...or to at least say "NO THANK YOU" or better yet, "THANK YOU"...what a refreshing statement, "THANK YOU"

How many times do you hear that one, "THANK YOU" wow...talk about how many "Opportunities" in life have been missed, because someone just forgot to Follow-up with the most refreshing statement, "THANK YOU".

On that note, we want to say "Thank You" for joining us and the Money & Music movement, should you be in need of expert advice from the industry's Marketing Guru "Cool V" or Financial Counsel from one of the financial industry's best "Money Mike", feel free to email: moneyandmusic@gmail.com SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!! ....till next week...

QUOTE: "Most people confuse wishing and wanting with pursuing. You must place your trust in ACTION." - Price Pritchett

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